Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday In Japan...

Food !
Daughter is working on a vegan cookbook.
She is adapting recipes and sometimes I get to be a taste tester.
Sunday it was some of our favorite bento box food.

Beef wrapped green beans and carrot.
Made with marinated eggplant instead.

Wrapped up

saute in a pan 

with a special sauce.

Tofu omelet made with spinach

all rolled up.

All the side dishes were cut and placed in a bento box.
So pretty.
Usually a bento box is your lunch,
so it would be filled with rice, potato salad and side dishes.

Japanese potato salad.

This is my tasting dish.
Daughter is working on the triangle shaped rice ball ( above the potato salad) filled with a savory mushroom filling. Usually has a seaweed strip on it.
My pathetic round rice ball on the right was filled with Umeboshi, pickled plum.
I enjoyed it all, but she was not happy with the tofu omelet.
Needs some tweaking.

tester. . . parsnip
music. . . Kim Wo Nosette,  OST, Laputa
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  1. That looks like a fun day!
    My daughter would love doing that.
    We made Irish Soda bread today - okay, it was from a 'just add water' mix :)

    1. ACK I love Irish Soda Bread.
      There was a Irish Pub Restaurant at Fashion Island, Newport Beach that had the best Irish Soda Bread I have ever had. I really wish I had the recipe.

  2. Haha I love the pictures! I'm especially laughing about how the knife is tucked user the cutting board, I should be more careful about that... ;)

    1. Not really your fault. That is the rounded bevel edged bamboo cutting board so it was really just next to it !
      So your OK !

  3. oh that looks nice. And you can tell her I just love the pattern on her dress, really cool.

  4. It all looks attractive - which is half the battle.

  5. This has made me really hungry, but I'm in the bookshop for another hour and a half! Tofu omlette, I'd never have thought of that.

  6. Nice (rushes to kitchen to look for even mildly presentable food.)