Wednesday, July 18, 2018

monsoon clouds.

Monsoons have started.
We need the rain. Arizona is very dry and we have several wildfires burning


Some bad bad bad gud dug photos.

Some digging, maybe

  iwinston gud dug
gud bye'

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, July 13, 2018

Square Dog Friday... what ?

What ?

 Wall of Doom

iwinston destroy

 yesh destroy destroy destroy 

 spoils from the battle gud gud gud


 Oliver out
 Oliver in.
1.5 nano seconds

Here is your pretty for the week end.

Rain on my studio window out the back.
in the front yard is was completely dry.
So very Tucson monsoons !
The rains come in waves,

Another view out my back yard.

What ?
I have had rotten two years and the last two weeks have not been great either.
Destroyed my foot and leg, so yea me !
Then I said something weird on a friends blog, so he removed the comment.
I completely understand and happy he did. First time it ever happened to me
and on a friends blog ! I am so upset with myself.

Had another commenter on a different blog said how dumb I was because I couldn't spell. 
Didn't feel like explaining about the workings of my brain after injury.
I try to write what I mean but it comes out jumbled.

All add up to a perfect storm melt down. So dumb !

I decided to stop blogging for a month or more. 

Then realized I enjoy visiting my blog friends.
Plus I do not need Voldemorts of blogs
 to tell me what to do.

So I may or may not comment but I will try to read your blogs. 
I might only post once a week or not.  
We will see how it goes.
Day by day.

Maybe ?

cheers,  parsnip
As Walgreens says... Be Well !

Monday, July 9, 2018

Square Dog Friday very late

What last few days.

Took iwinston to the groomers.

 We had rain on Sunday afternoon. Lots of wind, thrnder, lighting and big fat rain drops.

 rain gud water commin' from wall better for iwinston

All the gud and bad square one get filtered water but
iwinston love to drink the water that rushes off the roof and down a
rain gutter. The dirt, dusty rain water.
When taking iwinston to the groomers he pulled all of a sudden on the lead.
I slipped and smashed my left leg and foot on the car and curb. 
It swelled up like a purple and pink balloon.
Urgent Care x rayed foot and leg. No broken bones !
But I need to have my foot up and iced.

 iwinston has been nerfing and squishing next to me.
He looks like baby iwinston.
I adore this photo.

 He is so naughty but I love him.
Sweet baboo.

 Merida staying cool in my bathroom.

 Sweet Oliver

 He is my Dragon Cat.

 Some clouds from last night.

Sunset from 5 July

Light rain and clouds from early in the week.


Your pretty for the week.

Succulents in wonky containers.

I unpacked some planters and found this one.

I had made so many crazy wonky planters so dropped a plant in.
Then I realized this was one Daughter made many years ago.
So it is even better.

 More LIZARD hunting
Have a great week and good luck to England in the World Cup !

cheers,  parsnip

Thursday, July 5, 2018

When it rains . . .

News from my Son early this morning.

 Family lives right outside of Osaka (about where the red is) where it has been raining for 
several days. Warning are up and shelters open.  
Their home backs up to a beautiful hillside overlooking Osaka. Yuko and Mia have moved to Grandmothers home. David has stayed to watch out for the neighbors.
This morning I looked east and see some smokey air. Sure enough Redington Pass has a new fast moving fire.  This fire is half way between Daughters home (just bought haven move into yet)  
and my home.

Fire is about where the "E" in Redington is.
Plus today will be very hot 107 to 118.

Winston woofs ! He doesn't understand why he can't go out 
and if he does go out why does he want to come back in right away.
Wurf !
cheers,  parsnip

Monday, July 2, 2018

Leftovers !

This is Part 2 of The Wall of Doom from Friday.

The voice the voice turn sound down !

 iwinston has found out about lizards !

 The fact lizards are dumb !

 Sleeping on my foot that fell asleep.

 I saw this somewhere but I forget were.
Love the look on the Scotties face !
The Scotty is saying yeah so your bigger so what !
Lets chase some LIZARDS !

I support several Animal and Gardens Groups in Tucson.
One of them Tohono Chul has been having a fund raIser in support of Native Bees.
I have adopted several Bee and have named them for my and friends gud dugs.

Cactus Bees.


Something Fun.


As always here is your pretty for the start of the week.


View from my kitchen window at 6:30 Sunday morning.
I just thought it looked so pretty.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, June 29, 2018

Square Dog Friday, Wall of Doom

Best day of the week is here.
Square Dog Friday.

Son has been saving boxes for several months, so he could build a wall.
A wall of Doom for mandibles !

We thought that if iwinston saw this wall he would go crazy and
destroy it, boxes flying everywhere !
Good idea but we found out something interesting.
Winston likes to destroy one box at a time.
Plus he is a bit afraid of things. He doesn't have Hamish to teach him about
the big world so he has to work things out by himself.

He is a very cautious. When something is new or out of place 
he barks first and then slowly checks thing out. 
While he didn't bark he was careful.

We knocked a box over and then hid a toy to help him.
We left everything there because I think it is a hoot !
He does play with one box at a time especially if I play with hm.

Love both of his little paws in the air as he jumps around.


As always here is you pretty for the weekend.

Woke up Thursday morning and this is what I saw on my way to the kitchen.
The Texas Sage had burst into flower.

 It will bloom several times summer.

I need to get the gardeners to thin out the plant. 
When it gets too full and thick the plant gets overwhelmed. 

Have a lovely weekend.

cheers,  parsnip