Monday, July 16, 2012

parley view parsnip.... three days

My Monday post about what is going on around my Tucson Home...

Thursday skies 

taken from my pool.
I love the way the sky shows through the opening in the roof.
One reason I painted all the overhangs on my roof line the same blue color.

Love this angle !

Yes, I am in the pool taking photos...

Photos from my kitchen of the sky.

Sundays storm clouds, the UFO on the right side is a light in my studio.
or it really could be a UFO ?

Water flowing down the usually dry rocky rain overflow
toward to the dry creek (except during our two rainy seasons) on the west side of my land

Rain is coming down so hard it is shooting out of the downspout.

Storm clearing, view to the west

Sunset light

glowing on the tips of the mountains.
Studio reflections are blurring the photo.

Here is your pretty to start the week.....

Monday morning, bright sun and blue skies.
The Texas Rangers are blooming everywhere all over Tucson right now.
From light lavender to dark purple, Tucson is full of color.
I will try to get out and take some photos this week.

monsoon. . . parsnip
music. . . It's Raining Men, OST, Pricilla Queen Of The Desert

I am having google/bloggers problems hope this post works.
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  1. oh look at the pretty rainbow!!!

    smiles, bee

  2. Beautiful skies. Send some of the rain our way!

  3. Ahhhh, I can almost smell the rain. That sunset light shot is beautiful as is the rainbow on the mountain.
    Oh how I wish I could take photos from my pool. I suppose I could lay in the spot where I imagine my pool could be when the sprinklers are on, it would kind of be the same...

  4. Wish I
    i could pop over and steal a few stones:)

  5. Goodness those mountains look wonderful lit up like that, isn't nature fab?

  6. Please, please, please send some of your glorious weather over here Parsnip - it is raining again.

  7. Such nice weather. We're, thankfully, not competely humid today.

  8. This just popped up on my greader now, but lovely snippet of rainbow :)