Friday, July 6, 2012

Square Dog Friday... rainy day

It is the best day of the week so lets see what The Square Ones are up to.
Lets woof it !

Storm clouds over the Catalina Mountains

For most of the 4th of July, Tucson had rain, wind and clouds.
With moments of clearing before the next wave of rain blew in.
By the evening the storm had moved on and it was beautiful.
The storm was very much like a winter storm and not our typical summer monsoon.
It was the wettest 4th of July that has been recorded.

 ummmmmmmm thehamish confused
raining outside  gud ! no like the wet rain no go outside ... bad !
like the inside where it is dry and nice...  gud !
why is raining inside house ... bad !

 lookin' at water falling into bucket from the sky roof

  water got on my face
think' ima thirsty hamish

4th of July sunset

Watson relaxing in the sunshine on Thursday

the sun feels so nice on a old puppy

my sweet little old Square Dog Watson
sleeping on the cool floor after resting in the sun

raining. . . parsnip
music. . .  Ride Like The Wind,  Cafe Carlyle Sessions
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  1. just HAD to come and see my square boys on friday! thanks for making me feel better boys! and sorry about the leak!

    smiles, bee


  2. I saw two square boys just like yours on Bournemouth Beach this week and I thought of Hamish and Watson, so far away in Arizona.

  3. hee hee...
    Well, yes, Watson HAD to take a nap on the floor after the HARD WORK of resting in the sun!

  4. Well, the rain was needed, so...

    Watson looks comfy! And the Hamish seems to like rain coming inside...

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  6. It's a 100 here in Cleveland as I write. Wanna trade weather?

  7. It leaked again! AARRRRRGH! Remember last year? That was so much fun.

  8. I'm not the only one with leak buckets around. watson does very well if he can get up on the sunbed.