Monday, July 30, 2012

parley view parsnip... haiku

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.

The monsoon storms have been beautiful while delivering much needed rain.
But they can also be very destructive.
The summer monsoons are like that.

Here are a few of my summer haiku

morning clouds appear
the air is filled with promise
hint of rain to come

saguaros in bloom
the wildflowers are now gone
summer monsoon come

clouds chase the moon
earth and the sun move silently
moon embracing sun

dragons in the clouds
white rabbit lives in the moon
run run run away hide

evening clouds appear
the air is filled with promise
quail escapes the hawk

haiku. . . parsnip
music. . . The Sheltering Sky, Ryuichi Sakamoto

side note
the dragon in the sky haiku in Japanese is

kumo no tatsu
tsuki kara negero

when you translate it reads

dragon of the clouds
from the moon escapes
white rabbit

I like this translation better than my haiku
but it then becomes not a haiku.
I would like to re-work it
but it was what I felt at the moment so I will let it be.
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  1. lovely lovely lovely photos today and haiku too!


    smiles, bee

    1. Thanks, I sky and clouds are really lovely here. I am so lucky.

  2. Hello Gayle:
    We have much enjoyed reading these haiku. So many interesting and evocative ideas can be conveyed in this very disciplined and structured form of poem.

    1. I really like writing haiku, the structure of them really makes me think.

  3. These are wonderful. I've recently rediscovered my love of haiku.

    1. I have really enjoyed writing these.

  4. Wow! I love the haiku and the accompanying photographs. They are really beautiful. I especially love those last two skies and the photo of the blooming saguaro. I've never seen their flowers except in photos.
    Oh also, I love the sunset photo with the flares and spots. How did you achieve that one?

    best to you,

    1. Thanks so much !
      The Saguaro Blooms are really lovely.
      The sunset photo with the spots.... It was taken with my older camera and I played with the setting on my very simple old i-photo program. The spots where rain drops (yes I get my camera wet all the time) and the slight movement of some of them is because I have a hard time trying to hold the camera still. Plus I did take the photo at sunset so there where some colors to work with.

  5. Lovely images, both in pictures and in words.

  6. Parsnip - those lovely haiku and those fantastic cloudscapes - what a beautiful area you live in.

  7. Lovely post, both words and photos.

  8. A great marriage twixt words and fantastic pictures. Works of art.

  9. Lovely photos. The sky seems to go on forever!