Sunday, October 22, 2023

Another Monday


 I am moving my large studio into a much smaller one. 
So hard and very time consuming. I have to look at every thing (not really but I will) a piece of paper, paint, pens, ink, stamps, books and all the toys I have. Godzilla I love you !
Scotties everywhere !
This means trying to pare down all my supplies and the ideas that go with them.

The eyes are still a huge problem and I get so tired trying to see so I sleep a lot. Sleep to much.
The Square Ones are not very happy !


                                                                            sad so sad
                                                                       very sad
                                                                           sleepy sad
                                                              they never sleep or nap together 

                                           they are trying to help me by showing how to nap...

                                                                    here be bunny slipper.....
 i be givin' my godzilla

                                                                  sleeping  square ones...

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, October 9, 2023


Here comes Winston and Agatha.
Sending wooffies

                                                            When only 2 pillows will do.

                                                 After the nap Agatha's hair stands up.

                                                              lalalalalalalalalal la

                                               no liking the mr. squid mum mum gave me

                                          iwinston is so sad mummum is makin' a funny at me
                                                                   not being happy

                                                      opps....  ummmmm not me 

                                                               I need the quiet also.

                                                                     So very sweet.

                                                                 cheers,  parsnip


Sunday, September 10, 2023

Back home, catch up !

Just a few photos...

                                When Winston keeps barking... he has to wear the Godzilla Hat.

                     Do you ever wake up in the morning and find the toys moved during the night ?

                                                                 and the rains came......

Storm clouds. 

                                                                  This was a bad rain storm.

Princess Agatha surveying her Kingdom.

Smoke from fire near daughters home 15 minutes from my home.

                                                                       cheers,  parsnip


Friday, August 25, 2023

I can't believe it has been so long !


Where the heck have I been ?  Sleeping mostly. New meds and amounts.
Slept through most of this month. Not Fun ! Gud Dugs do not understand.

GODZILLA !  maybe ?

Lots of small dinosaurs escaping from the volcano but we call them Godzilla!
Agatha likes small toys to carry around and preform surgery on.

.Sir Winston loved pulling the "Godzilla" out of the flaming volcano.

I told Sir Winston to go find Godzilla and he brought me the bigger Tuff Stuff Godzilla 
toy from Friend Camilla. Oh My Goodness he does have a brain and can use it !??!

Now Sir Winston is taking care of the World.
I was trying to take a photo of Miss Agatha and Mr. Jealous  pops in.

Perfect spot to rest while looking for lizards, coyotes and bunnies.
I am planing I hope, to share some of the crazy animals 
that have been around here this monsoon month next post.

Yes show me the gud dug !

cheers,  parsnip