Friday, October 11, 2019

Square Dog Friday... Agatha's new pillow.

Big News ! 
Son and I have been talking about a new pillow for Agatha's crate.
I think/thought  the big floor pillow that is a bit to big for the crate was great. 
Nice fluffy and comforting.
Son thought she might like the one that fit the crate with rim would be better. 
I must admit that he was right she loves it on top of her crate ! I put it on top to see if it 
was the right size. She love laying on the top of the crate I think because of her former life.
When you are high you can escape the other dogs.

 Ok. can anyone tell me how this is comfortable ?

 Pillow fits the crate and is very soft and cozy.

 iwinston thinkin' so 

 iwinston is always on duty 
intel is tellin' iwinston of a raid must keep on security

 still train' new recruit 

keepin' lizard bush on raider


As always here is some pretty for the weekend.

 Palm with new baby palm shoots.

Sage bush in front of my home.  Silver leaves and lavender flowers just lovely.
Son took this photo for me.

cheers,  parsnip

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Everyday things.


 Love reflections.


 We moved the pomegranate tree after a strong wind came up and 
knocked off lots of the blooms.

 Only harvested five this year.

 Fire a few canyons away last month.

 Love tiny clouds

 Love reflections.

As always here is your pretty

 iwinston diggin' ?
not iwinston iwinston gud dug

 The sticker says Princess and she is one !

Yeah.... whatever !

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, October 4, 2019

Square Dog Friday, lizzzzzzzards

Square Dog Friday !

Supreme Commander iwinston searching
agatha eating a twig.

Adam took this photo for me. It is called concentration.
iwinston will stand at the lizard bush for hours.


iwinston supreme' commander must look for the enemy
invader  lizzzzzards bad bad bad
must be lookin' at all times

..iwinston is on patrol

walkin' walkin' walkin'

lookin' lookin lookin for the lizzzzzards

As always here is your pretty.

See the "Bug" so high in the sky ?
Last evening just as twilight was starting I saw a plane in the clouds.
The wing lights were blinking so the buzzing wings. 
I think you can click to see ?

 Just a perfect Fall Evening.

cheers,  parsnip


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

I be silly.

I think my love of Scotties started when I was very young and watched the movie "Lady and the Tramp" Don't know why I like Jock but there was something special, he was my first Square Dog.

All through the years the children and I have had many different pets from dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters and a snake but never a Scotty !

When my home burned down in Laguna Beach Wildfire of 1993 we lost everything but our lives.
Finding a place to live, buying clothes, shoes and food was first.
This all happened right before Christmas so it was very strange times.
The children were in First and Third Grade and High School.
We found a place to live and next on the list was a little black Scotty named Kirby.
That squirming puppy bundle of love and a cat named Jabba
who just walked in our door one day was our salvation.

I used to joke about when you lose everything the the first thing you need to do
is find yourself a Scotty !

So my love of Scotties continues.

All the times I have visited the UK I never knew about Radley.
Oh My Goodness.

I must make a pilgrimage to a store of "The Scotty". 

Some of my most favorite things.

Son made Mexican Lime Chicken Soup for me.
So tasty and very easy and fast to make.

As always here is your pretty for today.

sorry little fisshie but iagatha ate your little fin off it tasted gud
you still gud fishie iagatha like you

iwinston is gud dug and very pretty

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, September 27, 2019

Early Morning. Square Dog Friday.

6:45 AM on Square Dog Friday.
Woke up to a misty rain and clouds covering all around my home.
It was magical.
Not a very good photo.

iwinston workin'
on patrol looking for lizzzzzzzards agatha is helpin'

They are taking over.

Son made my favorite dish from Southern India a Fish Moilley using Tilapia.

Peacock Flower or Mexican Bird of Paradise

No reason for this photo other than it was twilight
and so quiet and pretty.

Here is your pretty (funny) for the start of the weekend.

Love when Son puts the eggs away for me. A small egg pyramid. 

Yes ! Let Get Fat !

cheers,  parsnip