Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tuesday, a few things.

Tuesday follow up.
iwinston got me up at 5:25 as the sun came up and a few storm clouds blew in.


It is lightly raining and iwinston stays outside. I have to drag him in.
He loves the cold. Silly gud dug.

I was trying to cook dinner and just look at these onions.

ummmmmmmm yes, i did the operation
2 facelifffts for the price if 1

. . .

Son took these photos of Agatha digging in her den, foxhole or high tower.


iwinston is wantin' now more rain rain rain

Two birds who can't wait to eat the flowers.

Roof at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens.

Agatha on patrol.



Such a gud dug !

As always here is your pretty for the start of the week.

This makes me cry, breaks my heart and makes my world better at the same time.

cheers, parsnip

Friday, May 17, 2019

Square Dog Friday, what a mess.

Square Dog Friday
Best day of the week is here, finally !
So lets woof it.
General iwinston is posing for his new identity badge photo.
He just came in from protroling so his hair was not picture perfect.
Oh No !



iwinston is needing retake
woe oh woe is iwinston
woe is me
  iwinston is back to patrolin'



iwinston be teachin' agatha is learnin' how and what to watch out for
iwinston is guidin'newish''recute"

Son took the next 3 Agatha on patrol photos.



Danger Danger iwinston we are under attack !
iwinston is thinkin' this couls be smallgodzilla

 iwinston thinkin' big arizona newgodzilla friends'

iwinston not knowin'what this is but iwinston and agatha will distroy

These Godzilla photos are for blog friend Janet over at MacQue

This Thor photo is for  Blog friend Willian over at "Speak of the Devil"
A friend for Loki !

As always here is your Pretty for the weekend.

cheers,  parsnip

Between con-comcast, cable off and on for two weeks. No internet most days blah blah
Agatha's anxiety over every rain drop and thunder, my messing up my medications and
insurance not letting me have the correct medication it has been a fun two weeks.
Looking forward to Saturday, I think ? maybe ? hopefully ?
Oh My Goodness !

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday Blooms.

Photos from around my home.
Son will drive me around today to take some  photos of the yellow
Palo Verde hillsides.

The birds are already looking for the blooms.

The above two "Echinocereus" cactus or as I call them Easter Cactus  (they bloom around Easter) were eaten by packrats. Not happy ! So not happy !

The next 6 photos Son took for me. He walked out and about around the house to get some
clearer bloom photos.

Javelina trails next to my fence.

He is really a great photographer. 

As always here is your mid-week pretty.



Sir iwinston mandible churchill.

Agatha Tallulah

See you on Friday.
cheers,  parsnip