Monday, March 27, 2017

Just Monday. . .

Just Monday

Summer is knocking already at my door.
I saw thehamish trying to sit in the sun before it moved to the right
napping place.

This reminds me of Watson's favorite place to nap.

Of course thehamish loved to cuddle in.

Merida is Son's cat !
Sometimes if she is in the right mood she will let me pet the top of her head.
Mostly she turns her back to me.
I picked out a diamond necklace for her. She wore it for 2 seconds for 
the photo and then wanted her old necklace back.
Diva !

Of course Oliver has to photobomb in.


Here is your pretty to start the week.
Spring is here and summer is peeking around the corner.

spring. . . parsnip
music. . . If I Could.  Blue Merle

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday with the last Square Dog

Here we are again the best day of the week
Square Dog Friday.
I have been gone for a month except for a few comments here and there in blog land.

The results from the weeks of tests are not good. He has three specialists.
So much damage.
Back to the Eye Specialist on Monday, thehamish is almost blind.
Eight years after his lens replacements and years of eye drops, he is going blind.
Right now he is looking through snow globe eyes.

what a sweetheart.

going from doctor visit i thehamish gots' to go the fun place
i thehamish picked out what i thehamish wanted  duck duck duck

gud duck it got's skquikie


thehamish is sleeping a lot

and making funny faces.

i thehamish is helpin' nice tall person who feeds us

kattie oliver is not helpin'


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

Spring in Tucson  came and went so fast.
I think I missed it !

thehamish. . .  parsnip
music. . .  Blue Skies,  Diana Krall

Friday, February 24, 2017

square gud dug friday

gud square dug today
nice tall person who feeds us said 
i thehamish gots' to talk today
i thehamish was playin' with spidertoy and all the stuffin' came outs
it was gud  gud gud spider
gud gud tug fun

nice tall person who feeds us puttin' spider toy on thehamish head
i thehamish is not likin' this
oh woe is me
woe woe 

 i thehamish got my herbal body wrap

 i thehamish




happy gud


i thehamish is sayin' the pretty for the weekend

 i not liken' my special new fud not gud.
nice tall person who is feedin' us is sayin' that a garnish will help
not knowin' what word garnish is

 mum is choppin' up my chkikin' strips that doctor is sayin i thehamish cant' be havein'
and puttin' that on my bad fud as garnish
not gud fud is now almost gud fud

i thehamish knot knowin' why you be needin' two words for chkikin'
why callin' chkikin a garnish chkikin is chkikin
chkikin gud

this is gud sign


woof. . . thehamish
music. . .  something just like this,  the chainsmokers


we havin to be quiet for some time
stuff to be doin' not fun stuff but we must be doin' it

mum nice tall person who is feedin' us is sayin'
i thehamish can post a photo on friday so you 
will not be missin' i thehamish
i will be missin' you and mum sayin' that too

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More food !

Wednesday delivery.
I picked vegetarian type meals for this week.
This is fun plus I didn't over buy at the market and no lines !
Someday I just can not eat enough arugula, broccoli or cabbage.
Then next week I don't want any. 
I could make soup but then I would have to think about it.
Remember my brain is not working !

 How super well designed are the egg holders.

I love the egg cartons, beyond cute !
This is for John, even though many UK chickens are still under quarantine.

So this is my silly post for today.
Happy mid-week pretty.

fud. . . parsnip
music. . . How Would You Feel,  Ed Sheeran

Monday, February 20, 2017

gud fud fud gud

As thehamish would say gud fud gud
I miss the food in Japan. 
From the elegant to the best burger and fries I have ever eaten.

Mosaic sushi

 Reminds me of Push Sushi.

Yes please !

After Mia's Omiyamairi  6 years ago we went for lunch and had
this charming mosaic type lunch.

Went out for some sushi (my default setting) a few nights ago 
and it was wonderful.

Uni (sea urchin) shooter

 Another night we went out for something super warm and tasty.

 Oden, assorted fish cakes in a hot pot

 Nabeyaki Udon, hot pot style

 served with tempura.
Yes please.
Trying out "Blue Apron" the last few weeks.
I have been cooking for over 50 years and I really don't want to do it anymore.

But I like to cook with Son so we are trying the "Blue Apron".

 I must say the food is great and the quality of the fish and chicken are fabulous.
The recipies easy to follow with all the ingredients measured out for me !
Plus the food does look almost as great as the photos.
It has shaken up my quick go to meals.

 Poor attempt at garnishing and drawing on my dish of food.
Spiced Chicken Chili

 Baked Ricotta Cannelloni.
I lived through the 70's and if I see another pasta dish.... gag !
except for my spaghetti. This pasta dish was very good
But I will wait to repeat it.

Not a catfish person but this was the best I have had.
Cajun Catfish, Spiced Rice with Collard Greens.
Love Collard Greens.

Seared Chicken with Kale Apple and Potato Hash.
Lots more but I don't want to bore you. I ordered 3 meals a week.

As always here is your pretty for the start of the week.
Son walked thehamish late and the rain we had off and on all day was stopping.
Adam took these on his walk.

Just lovely. 
Rain in the desert smells so wonderful. Filled with sage, dirt and mesquite clean and fresh.
hey hey hey whot about me i thehamish
i thehamish is alway the pretty

rain. . . parsnip
music. . . River In The Rain,  Alison Krauss