Friday, August 18, 2017

Square Dog Friday ... Mandibles of Doom

Or as I call him, nonononononono no
owowowowowowowowwow ow
quitquitquitquitquit quit 

 How can someone this cute be so naughty.
The Mandibles of Doom !
Just look at the needle teeth.
Woe oh woe is me !
as thehamish would say.

 No no no no here he is !

 Oh hell here he comes !

 The last Bark Box with thehamish name on it came.
This month's box was full of Space Aliens in honor of the Eclipse ?

spacealiens phiff

 winston will protect the earth
but first chkikin'

can only be thinkin' of chkikin'
must protect chkikin'
chkikin' gudgud gud

 Last walk before bedtime... 
He likes to stand by the light and waits for the bugs to fly in so he can eat them.
bugies is tastin' like chkikin' bugs is gud chkikin' gud
winston is gud

 Another early morning sunrise.
Well, if I am up I might as well take a photo.


 As always here is your pretty to start the week.

Two blooms on a Cholla Cactus.
I like the flatness of this photo.

At the Emergency Hospital that we rushed thehamish to that last very early morning,
they said to us that they made a paw print for us that they would send later.
I assumed it would be a ink print like the Pet Cemetery gave us.
A package came in the mail and when I opened it...  a heart was inside.
It means so much for us to have both these little sweet footprints.


Thank You all for the cards and comments. 
You can never know what they all mean to me.

It makes me so happy to know my Little Square Black Dogs 
have touched so many people around the blog world.
They were wonderful, lovely, happy, sweet gud dugs.
I think I hear them walking about the home.
I have just started to read some blogs and comment, I hope to be back soon.
For for now I am just trying to catch up with my life.

cheers,  parsnip
woof !

Friday, August 11, 2017

Two Square Dogs and Winston

bestest day of week is here
not knowin' what that is meaning  all days are bestest
thehamish showed me how to write on friday

i gots new name that everyone is likin'
it is a gud name and i and liken it

 i is helpin' lookin' for dishes

 nice tall person who is feedin me is not likin' me chewing the brakes on her wakin' thingie
this is bad thingie it runs over my foot many times as i walkin' under and around it

As alway here is your pretty for the weekend.

 This is what happens when Daughter comes for a visit.  She makes healthy veggie, vegan, gluten free
yummy food. I was talking about Twinkies and ended up making a running joke about them.
So Daughter whipped out my cookbook and made me some.


Thursday afternoon sky.

Thank You all for the lovely letters, notes and comments the last few days.
I have cried buckets of tears and am very happy to know that the thehamish,  
has made so many people happy following his daily antics of a 
Little Square Black Dog.
He and his Watson where the best gud dugs and made my life so much better.

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, August 7, 2017


Just a few more photos of thehamish
usually with his touchstone Watson.
Some giggles and tears.
He was such a goofy little dog. Everything I wrote about him he did and more.
He was a hoot.

 Famous Two Headed Dog of Tucson.
Basket for one, but thehamish always cuddled in.

 Helping unpack.

 He loved to crawl under things.  He walked around with the pillow for some time.

 Love when he slept like this.

 Winston Churchill

 Square Dog Gardner.

 Right after his lens replacement.


 Squeezing in a basket for one Square Dog.


 He would always drop or kick the ball into the pool then fish it out.

 He like folded pillows.


Cabana boys.







I miss him so much.

cheers,  gayle