Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday Monday

 iwinston and his chew stick.
Son took this wonderful photo.

Just before Daughter and friends left we had a lovely sushi dinner.

Japanese potato salad, nori for hand rolls, carrot and cucumber, jalapenos, avocado, sushi rice
spicy crab, salmon and shishito peppers.
The Rice Box
Friend Debbie gave this a few years ago and I finally used it.
Oh My Goodness so much fun. Much like nigiri sushi.
Just the right bite size.

Avocado and spicy crab, salmon and nori,
shishito pepper and avocado all a perfect bite.

Avocado and salmon.

Japanese Potato salad. So good and so much better than the over mayonise
type of salad.

Javelina hair. Very bristly and so beautiful.

Trader Joe's dried pear slice, a lovely heart.

I walked into my bathroom to put towels away and who had staked out a soft place to nap ?
Dragon Oliver.
The Doggie Door was for Watson and thehamish who liked to visit Son if he had his door closed.
I miss them running back and forth from my bedroom to his.
I always have my bedroom door open to the rest of the home. So they could get in that way.
They would run in circles and play tag if he had his door open.
I miss them so much they were so funny.

As always here is your pretty to start the week.
Amaryllis are blooming even though (because of the new addition to the side yard)
 I have not been taking very good care of them.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, May 18, 2018

Square Dog Friday, everyday

A week of photos.

iwinston has the best "footies"

 His pads are not seperated
They are shaped  like little hearts !
I just heart this gud dug !

 Sad so sad very sad puppy.

Sleeping by the door.
Daughter and friends left on Wednesday.
Two weeks of happy !

woe ooh woe is iwinston
nice tall people who play with iwinston is goin' away
iwinston is missin' nice tall many person

 so sad so sad
so sad to movin'

 woewoewoe woe woe is iwinston
woe is iwinston
woe woe


woe oh woe
not gud


 Round Merida

Very round Merida !

 Beautiful Merida.

 Lovely Merida.

Dragon Oliver !


As always here is you pretty for the start of the weekend.

I love this sign !
It makes me smile and cry at the same time.
If this was only true of all the lost and abandoned gud dugs that need our love. 

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday, the day after

Some fun gifts from Daughters friends S and J.
They cleaned up my cactus, succulents, bought saucers
and put new plants in my Sheep Planter


I now have a great new long eared Jackrabbit to add to my collection from Daughter.

Wonderful dinner made by J. 
White fish, potatoes and kale.

Not to be left out iwinston did some preformance window art !

yesh idid that 

is gud art

As Always . . .
Here is your pretty to start the week.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, May 11, 2018

Square Dog Friday. . . Art !

Many many years ago when Watson and thehamish lived here,
thehamish dabbled in Performance Art.
Of course his art material of choice was food !

I swear this is what I saw in his dish

tree standin'  alone

one is comin' back

Watson was the art critic . . .


.........Now iwinston has taken up the performance art

tomany  dancin'

Daughter was unpacking some of her art

 I was able to take a photo of the Birds.

 So lucky to have the Black Bird.

 This is a book.

When you pick up his right wing you will find a map of his travel.

More Art. . . 

When Granddaughter was here over Christmas, she found a very small notebook 
and drew these very fun and tiny drawings with one that Daddy made.

I taped them up in my pantry so I could see them every day.


Food as Art !

Put seaweed down. Fill mold (on both sides) with rice. Push down on rice with top.
Fill one side with filling and then close the pink box.

 You end up with a terrific Onigiraze. Much easier that Onigiri (rice ball)
I added the Umeboshi !

So good and super easy.


And as always here is you pretty to start the weekend.

iwinston eating ice cubes.
Photo from Steph.

cheers,  parsnip