Friday, August 10, 2018

Square Dog Friday attack badger

Square Dog Friday !
Best day of the week so lets woof it.
Woof !

hello nice tall people it is iwinston who is called badger by
nice tall person who feeds me
not sure why but if iwinston gets chkikin' its' gud whatever name
iwinston sick iwinston is shakin' head and scratchin' head
mum saw me jump back and start shakin' head when outside
she is sayin' iwinston eat bug or somethin' is maybe bitin' me
iwinston not knowin' what to be sayin' always eat bug
gots to go to nice tall person dr holly she is likin' me
i gots' pills



Thursday morning I was able to have the door open. It has been over two
months since I have been able to have any door open even in the morning.
When the heat is over 115 in the day the earth doesn't get a chance to cool down.

Japanese granddaughter and her nice tall person are visiting for a month
before going back to school. She is working on her English while here
and homework lots of homework.
She only speaks English to us and when out in the world.

 She is a tornado of activity and then will fall asleep anywhere.

. .......

As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

I was looking for a certain photo and of course I couldn't find it.
Instead here are some monsoon photos from the past few years.


The weather patterns have changed and I really do not get to see these 
FABULOUS afternoon/evening thunderheads flying across the valley
dragging the rain behind them. I miss them, this is part of my childhood.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
cheers, parsnip and badger

Friday, August 3, 2018

Square Dog Friday, i am badger

Square Dog Friday.
Best day of the week !

iwinston went to the groomers.
When we picked him up after his Herbal Body Wrap we had a BADGER !
He is suppose to be a Black Scotty but the gray and white hair keeps popping up.

iwinston is a gud dug went to groomers and came out a different gud dug
iwinston is badger now

 some peoples' say iwinston is tiger that is gud
iwinston is likin' tigers

 hot hot hot hot
iwinston is sleepin' on cool floor in the sun


Here is your pretty to start the weekend.

cheers,  parsnip

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Gud Fud !

Daughter cooks vegan/vegetarian except for the added egg.
Now that she moved back I have two of the best chefs ever, Daughter and Son.

This was prettier than the photo. Vegetarian Chirashi
Rice, cucumber, egg, bamboo root, ginger and lotus root.

We added Shishito peppers at the table.

Ramen made with rice noodles, egg, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes and sunflower shoots.

Seaweed sheets.
what is this green


nomnom nom nom

crunchy gud green fud

ooooooooooooo gud

so sleepy now


Here is your pretty for the week.
Or maybe a funny.
Not iwinston but so funny and somewhat true.

Early Morning.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, July 27, 2018

Square Dog Friday, family

Best day of the week is here so lets woof it !
woof !

iwinston has a cousin

  truffles is gud dug that lives with nice tall person who plays with me
truffles is a gud dug but very old iwinston like her but she no play

Daughter adopted this little gud dug many years ago. Some jerk tossed her out of a car
right in front of the Humane Society where she was working.
The poor gud dug was deemed unadoptable
because her back was injured and she couldn't walk.

As Japanese son said this is my kind of dog.
To big body on tiny legs with even tiny paws.
Long bushy tail, way to much hair and fur, too small head with no jaw.
The part I love the best is her tiny ears. They are like very soft tiny flower petals.

She is very sweet but you can tell she has had a hard life up to adoption. 
She gulps her food and does not know how to play.
She will pace and wag her tail all the time. Her way of coping I think.
She is an old soul that is one of the most lovely gud dug ever.

 I love this photo !

 She is enjoying the moment.

 She has black and brown hair over a golden fur.  Beautiful.

 Fabulous tail.

 Her sweet ears.

 Such a sweet gud dug.
She is living with us for awhile. I am so happy.

 Then there is a little Square Black Dog who is "The Shadow" !

 you gots' fud

 many fuds

iwinston like fud


 As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

cheers,  parsnip