Friday, September 18, 2020

Square Dog Friday... what the hell ?

Blogger will not let me post any photos and is messing everything up. ihamish is sort of fine leg is healing. I hope you all all Safe and Be Well cheers, gayle

Friday, September 11, 2020




The Smoke from the West Coast Fires this morning at my home.

I feel like this today.

Everyone Take Care and Be Well 

Friday, September 4, 2020

Square Dog Friday. . . lizard hunting !

iwinston be huntin' lizzards

 iwinston has be gettin' grey iwinston bein' young to be greyin'
iwinston so tired of doctors

 One morning I looked out and saw this.
 Tasmanian Devil just sitting there.

 dum dummmm dum dummm

 dummmmmm mummmmm

 iagatha being strong gud dug not caring about devil just be walking over him

 iagatha be winning !
Strong wind blew the fish off the fountain but the birds don't mind.

Wind blew toy into stake.

As alway here is your pretty for today
The old tomato is sprouting. I will be planting soon and see if it grows.


Take Care Be Safe.


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Scotty Down !

Scotty Down !

Old Scotty planter that was run over by a Tank named iwinston while trying to catch a baby lizzzzzzard !

iwinston and Agatha are very naughty gud dugs. You can see how well iwinston is following doctors orders. He is going in for another day of sedated X Rays tomorrow. We will see how his leg is healing or not ?
He is very bored of the cast and the no fun when he wants to play.
I am very tired of this also. It is never ending  !
I have also been in and out of the doctors office.  New surgery on my right eye. Not much they can do anymore but I have to curtail ? the amount of computer work, reading and artwork I do for now.
Much like iwinston no fun ! Lots of other stuff going on, my body is falling apart and I am dropping body parts all over as I walk around ! Not gud !

 come out you lizzzzzzzzzards !  olly olly oxen free

 Wind and rain storm so strong that the crab toy got sucked up and spun around into the  trellis.

Here is your pretty for the week

Hayao Miyazaki Clouds flying by the back yard.



This is so iwinston. He has has it with the cast and constant office visits.

Take Care and Be Well

Friday, August 14, 2020

Square Dog Friday... mandibles is doing great !

The Doctor called today and is very happy with iwinston's progress. 

His bones are healing so well that you can barely see where the bones were cut.
As he was talking to me about "mandibles" special care, no running or jumping I look across the room as iwinston is running after Agatha and jumping on to the ottomans ! 
Ummmmm . . . I did not mention this to him.
We still have 4 more weeks of the cast and then on to more specialised care.
Life with a Scotty.


yesh iagatha maybe operated on  iwinstons favorite black toy iwinston was not playing with it


No Words !

As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.


Many puppies !

Stay safe
cheers,  parsnip




Friday, August 7, 2020

Square Dog Friday: Week 4

Next Tuesday it will be X-Rays and we shall see how things are.

iwinston me gud dug iwinston has learned how to go fast fast pick up bad leg and run on other legs iwinston goes fast
nice tall person who beig' takin' care of me is not happy iwinston be fast 
iwinston be liken fast fast fast

what about me iagatha the gud dug
belikin' the wind i be pretty gud dug iagatha

As always here is your pretty to start the weekend

photos from  1 year ago week of August 9

Stay safe and be well.

cheers, parsnip

I am not sure how this will post using new blog page.