Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Confession Time !

 Yesh it is iwinston again. . .

 iwinston is knowin' somethin' you not knowin'
wahhahahahahaha ha
ummmmmmm you gots' chkikin' . . .


Yes, I did go back and buy the purse.
(Fridays post)

 I did not buy . . .

 I love Badgers and Scotties !

 hahahahahahahahahahaa ha
iwinston be toldin' you iwinston knowin' somethin'


As always here is your mid-week pretty

 One of my succulents is blooming.


iwinston still on patrol looking for lizards.

cheers,  parsnip and badger

Friday, October 12, 2018

Square Dog Friday. . . gud stuff

Best day of the week is here so lets woof it !

guess whats' something gud happned

iwinston gots'  new necklace

iwinston is likin' this it is  gud
lalalala la

Wiston has really interesting paws.
The two middle pads are connected to make a heart shape.
I love this gud dug !

One day I was surfing the computer and I found a shop that has a Scotty as their brand.
Hello ! ! !  the best thing ever.  
So I looked the shop up, so darling and found fabulous purses and accessories.

I love purses. I am a closet hoarder of bags and purses, mostly in soft sky blues,
citrus green, turquoise plus several handmade Japanese ones.
Loved shoes but my fun collections of them have been given away. Since I do not have to 
dress for a job anymore, I have given away all my work clothes, shoes and bags.
Now that I use a walker and put my purse in the seat/pocket I only use a small turquoise 
one in summer and a small round purple one for winter.

 If I had a job Oh My Goodness.

Oh Yes !

I will follow.

No Words !

Yes please.

Hello cuties.

Love this one... Had several bags in this color.

Purse charm.

Look close around the flowers are Scotties!

Yes I did,
I was weak I bought the bag, umbrella and cactus charm.
The cactus looks like the way I sew and draw mine.

Even the tissue paper is fabulous.
I will iron this and reuse it. Too sweet to throw out.

As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

 Sleepy Truffles.

 Nap time !

Still trying to catch the lizard.

cheers,  parsnip and badger

Monday, October 8, 2018

Sunday Morning Rain Storm !

Sunday Morning at 6:30 the dogs and I were outside before the storm blew in.
It has been raining off and on all Sunday.
So Happy ! 

Looking east,

then north east,


to the west.

Just one big circle  of rain.
I didn't take any photos to the south, whoops !

Security Scottie iwinston in on the job.
He always starts here when making his rounds.

Always watching and working hard.

iwinston has even recruited Truffles to help, sometimes.


Here is your pretty to start the week.

iwinston's footie print.

Quiet last evening walk in the backyard.  When it is dark we have to keep an eye on the dogs.
 We need be sure no Javelinas, Coyotes, Bobcats or Mountain Lions are passing by
looking for dinner.

Monday morning.
Storms come and then go and leave bright clear skies and
wonderful fragrant air filled with scents of the desert.

cheers.  parsnip and badger

Friday, October 5, 2018

Square Dog Friday, Winston report.

yesh iwinston agrees
this is me iwinston

 here iwinston is on lookout for lizzzards envasion iwinston must be lookin'
watchin' everyday

alertalert alert 

they comein' from every where must keepin' on guarddudy everyday
iwinston is guardin'my home

This is hard to see but I was trying to take a photo of his darling paws !
Now that his two big Badger stripes are almost gone, he is going white on his bum !
Every grooming a new Winston comes home.

Tired after playing giggle ball.

The sun was shining on his bum and I had to try to take a photo of all the curls and colors !
Black is not alway black with a Scotty !
 Looks just like my sweet baboo.
He is finally learning his Aroooooooooooos !

So true with any and all sweet gud dugs we have.

Need some love and laughter in your life ?
Adopt a shelter gud dug or cat.


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Granddaughter jumping into the pool at Daughters home.
I love this photo that daughter took, amazing !
Small happiness. 

This one is from my pool,
Mia, spent a month this summer with us and now is back home in Japan.

Very early morning reflection of the mountains in my windows.

We all need to take a breath, slow down and have a lovely Fall weekend.

cheers,  parsnip and badger