Monday, January 23, 2017

Awful Sunday Better Monday...

Had the terrible, no good, awful, very bad Sunday.
Then to make it better.... went on to picasa to find a photo.
Made me feel awful at the way picasa has messed up my photos !
But while trying to find the photo I ran across so many that made me feel much better.
So here are some in no order !
 thehamish sits on the pillows and grows at what he sees out their window !
Yesterday it was a coyote, huge siamese cat that I see off and on, and some javelinas.

 photo bomb

Mia modeling hats for an ad

 Mighty Morphing Superhero Mia !

 Two of my handmade books

Same phone but several years apart.


As always here is your pretty to start the week

My favorite photo of my sweet baboo Watson.

photos. . . parsnip
music. . . Kisses at the Airport,  Cassadee pope

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March Tucson, Arizona

Son joined 15,000 womens, children and men in solidarity with other 
marches over the United States and World.
Adam told me he was marching for his sister, women, children and people of the world.
The speakers gave a shout out to all the brothers marching with the women and children.
It was a great day in Tucson and America. 

The only problem with this march is that it had
Congressman Grijalva speaking. For me he is the most
vile, condescending Democrat. I personally despise him.
But other than that a terrific day.

One quick shout out to the wonderful Tucson Police who had street blocked,
barriers up, keeping cars away and the marchers safe.

cheers,  gayle

Friday, January 20, 2017

Square Dog Friday but no Larry

It is that day again, the best day in the week,
Square Dog Friday.
You know the drill so let's woof it !


On Thursday we drove up to Phoenix to meet a dog called Larry.
A mop of Cairn Terrier to be a friend for thehamish.
Two and a half hours up the last half hour of Phoenix traffic.
We arrived at the "Meet and Greet" and found out they really wanted us to look 
at two other dogs that were very cute but not the one we really came up to see.
Turns out Larry was not at all like his photo and although very cute and sweet 
was an intergenic puppy that I really can not handle. 
What really frustrated me was the photo was clearly not Larry.
We ate a quick lunch, and gave money to someone who really needed it
and drove home. It took us forever to get through the mess that is Phoenix traffic
near the airport and made it back home again.
The biggest disappointment of this day was later in the evening I did look at the 
Pima County Shelter page (which breaks my heart) and found among all the 
Chihuahua and Pitbulls were four terrier mixes that I could have looked at yesterday !
They will be gone by today (small dog always are)and I am super frustrated. 
I have three appointments today that leaves me no time to go way across town 
and see them.
Either they will be adopted out or a "group" will scoop them up 
and I will have to try find the group if I can, and then adopt from them.
So here on this crazy Friday is the gud dug thehamish.


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

It is alway a gud day to play with a gud dug.

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music. . . Paris, The Chainsmokers