Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July and here come the Jackalopes !

YeaHaa !
Happy 4th of July, America
I love the beautiful State of Arizona
The State of Arizona is 100 years old in 2012

The Arizona Jackalope is a distant cousin of the more plentiful Montana Jackalope.
The Montana Jackalope was a very ill conceived cross breeding of the jackrabbits and the antelope. Originally bred by ranchers for food in the 1880's a few escaped from captivity and prospered in the wild.

Years later migration of these Jackalopes  produced  a sub-species that became the Arizona Jackalope.
These evolved into  smaller, quicker animals and learned how to survive in the Arizona summer for days on little water.
Modern day Arizona Jackalopes  especially love nighttime feeding on the many golf courses in Arizona and Beer.
Kind of go together, no ?
Reports of Jackalopes taking golf balls off the green is highly discounted by those of us who know and love them.
Golfer can be so stupid thinking we will believe that story and give them a mulligan.  phiffffff.

Jackalope in it's natural habitat
sitting next to one of it's favorite foods, Jackalope Beer !

Watson checking out the Jackalope and the beer.

Beer is good !

but  I'm on a table with a beer and a Jackalope
and this means 4th of July how ?
Didn't you use the photo already for Canada Day ?
Color me confused and I think this is a job for thehamish !

jackalope . .  . parsnip
music. . . Is it Any Wonder,  Keane

side note
I had a protest letter ready to go addressed to Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.
What a better time to protest that on the 4th of July.
Instead, I decided to  write several posts in the next few weeks about what it is really like living in a Border State.
I try not to write about politics, or my personal beliefs except one, I am a huge animal rights supporter.
We all have the right to our personal beliefs, this is America.
But we all have the right not to be abused by our government and by a group of people who will lie cheat and steal for what they want and never held responsible for their actions. 

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  1. Happy Fourth! Watch out Hamish is that a Jackalope behind you?

    1. No Jackalope would ever come near thehamish. thehamish would always win.

  2. Hamish looks very dignified as ever. Even as he wonders what that jackalope is up to...

    Happy Fourth of July!

    1. Thanks, I hope you had a great time on Sunday for Canada Day with your friends.
      All quiet here I hope there are no fireworks anywhere near us. It rained most of the afternoon which is strange because it wasn't the typical monsoon storm. But we will take any rain that comes.

  3. I love your photos of Hamish on the table. He does look a little surprised to be allowed there at that moment.
    happy 4th to you too.

    1. It was Watson but he is very easy going so although somewhat surprised he was just fine.
      Hope your have a lovely day.

  4. Watson and thehamish wants you to know it is Watson on the table not thehamish.

    Thehamish also wants you to know,,, he should have been on the table and not Watson.


  5. I'd never heard of a jackalope, they do look pretty kawaii. As does Watson, as ever.

    Totally agree with your stance here. One of the problems with centralised government is that those of us who live outwith the centre it occupies, both geographically and economically, don't get heard and are ill considered. And I'm also a huge supporter of animal rights. Dave spent twenty five years fighting against those who happily kill birds of prey and use the most spurious arguments in their defence, but have money and, for the most part, the establishment on their side.

    Happy 4th! X

  6. *smacks self upside the head*

    My apologies, Watson!

    1. Watson is just fine no apolgies needed.
      He did think this was a thehamish type of set up but took it all in stride. He is a very good doggie but getting very old. So we try to take lots of pictures and give him his share of attention. thehamish is quite greedy.

  7. The jackalope is so cute...but not as cute as the Square Ones!

    Happy 4th to you and them, Gayle!

  8. Arizona - so young and so beautiful.
    Late Happy Fourth!
    I think I had better not aske how jackalope beer is made:)

  9. Really cute pictures and captions, what a good model Watson is!