Friday, July 27, 2012

Square Dog Friday... guard dugs !

We all know what day it is so lets woof it...
I feel very safe (?)
I have guard dugs !
whoa, let me get my breath here.

oh boy oh boy ohboyohboyohboy out out outoutout now !

come out comeoutcomeout !



thehamish seein' you


is you there ?

i'mmmm thinkin' so

hey Watson you lookin' that way
me thehamish i be lookin' this way

now we lookin' same

i see you
yert !

oh Hamish relax...
I'm hot I am going in now.

here is the what "the hamish" was guarding me from...  a teeny tiny lizard
who has lost his tail and I think one leg.
I feel so safe.

Watson knows what to do on a hot day,
he will let "the hamish" do the lizard chasing. 

awwwwwwww my sweet babo,  I love my Dr. Watson

Here is your pretty for the weekend

from tiny seeds 

my favorite Palo Verde trees grow.

lizard. . . parsnip
music. . . Jailhouse Rock,  The Blues Brothers
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  1. Awww, poor little lizard! Chased by the Hamish and Watson!

    1. Watson will chase the lizards but "thehamish' is obsessed !
      Lizards are so stupid, insert Elmer Fudd, they climb over the stucco fence but then when the get chased they forget to climb back up !
      The first year I was here the lizards where always in the yard and I had to clean up little body parts everywhere... so happy it has gotten better !

  2. My goodness me, seeking out a lizard is jolly hard work for a square dog
    and even harder for two square dogs.

    1. Hamish just get obsessive over chasing lizards. They both go after them since I don't live on a farm this is the closes they will get.

  3. What fun!
    Yes, you do need to be protected from such a dangerous lizard!

  4. wow what gud boys! hamish protects watson or watson protects hamish? yert!

    smiles, bee

  5. Looks like Watson has the right idea, let Hamish deal with the lizard. Cute pictures, love the baby tree!

    1. I have several little trees growing I think I will try to transplant a few to see if I can grow on before the pack rats get to them.

  6. Hamish and Watson... ever brave, ever vigilant, ever adorable!

  7. Maybe Hamish just wanted to make friends with the lizard.

    1. No not at all....
      One day I looked out and saw Hamish bouncing up and down on all four paws a crazed looked on his face of happiness (?) and a lizard tail hanging out of one side of his mouth

  8. When you mentioned scorpions the other day I wondered what the boys attitude to one woud be? Woud they recognise danger?

    1. Outside in the yard that the boys used I have never seen a scorpion but in the side yards, under pots and stuff I have seen them. Mostly they are not around where you walk... but I always shake any folded item, and bang my shoes before I put them on and you never pick up anything before kicking it.
      When one does walk across the floor the boys do go up and sniff it but by then (hopefully) I am yelling No ! and have a shoe in my hand waiting to smash it.

  9. Blues Brothers music sounds appropriate for lizard chasing!lol