Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday In Japan by way of LA....

Lovely daughter just got back from a week in LA.
Between visiting friends and taking care of some business she went shopping at several of our favorite Japanese Markets.
She bought Bento  supplies for herself and brought me food !

The best Cheese Cake
It is not like the creamy one we eat in America

But a steamed sponge type of cake that I adore.
Not very sweet but so good with coffee.

Two types of a sponge cake with a creamy filling.

The coffee one was so good.

A new pitcher to  replace the one I broke that fits so great in the door of a frig,
Osaka Style Okonomiyaki flour, Kewpie mayonnaise
Goma Shio rice seasoning,  Umeboshi,  Edamame/cheese flavored Jyagariko
and some caramel candy.

and my all time favorite hard to find rice !

Some of these items can be found in Tucson but at double the price.
So when either one of us is back in California shopping at
Mitsuwa and Marukai Markets is a must.

umeboshi. . . parsnip
music. . . Isn't It Wonderful ?  Nobuo Uematsu

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  1. Always the best gifts :)
    My mother just got back from her yearly trip home to England and she brought me treats too. I have fond memories of my Nana coming to visit and that moment when she opened the suitcase to show us the delicious English candy she would bring, total excitement!

  2. Lovely gifts! I can't imagine a cheesecake like you describe, so I'm going to drop by at the Japan Centre in London next time and see if I can find one.

  3. Interesting post. I love hearing about all the unique little food items you love. Kewpie mayonnaise looks like it has eco-friendly packaging and the photo of Japanese Twinkies made me smile.

  4. oh my, i'm going to google that cheesecake and see if i can find it here! it looks so good, i don't like frosting at all but you sure know how i love cake! unfortunately i don't get to eat it much any more but still...

    smiles, bee


  5. I'll have to visit a Japenese store one of these days. The sponge cake looks good.

  6. Oh yes, the Japanese cheese cake and sponge cakes look wonderful and the pitcher just perfect! Maybe we'll get some rain here today. :D

  7. I read the first few lines here and HAD to skim over the rest! Here I am at 11.25pm THINKING I was just about to do a spot of reading....before bed and NOW I am thinking about eating CAKE! Get behind me Satan! lol! I am TRYING to lose weight sister! lol! Dxxxx

  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Could JUST manage something nice..........and sweet............will HAVE to have something!

  9. Nice. I was surprised when the roll cake was from Kimuraya. There's a few different Kimuraya Bakeries in Japan it seems. A different company, not the one that you got, makes a super yummy rolls with a ton of different fillings. Really good stuff you can only get in Okayama.

  10. US customs used to be paranoid about any foods one carried. It took me ages to persuade them that my box of Black Magic(chocs) for aged aunts in Vermont was harmless.
    Silly me! I'm forgetting that California and Arizona are in the same country.

  11. The cheesecake's making me hungry!