Friday, July 21, 2017

Square Dog Friday, what to do ?

Best day of the week is here
Square Dog Friday
You know the drill so let's woof it !

i thehamish is talkin'

it is being a hard week
mandibles is here to stay
i thehamish is not happy
ohwoewoewoewoe woe
oh woe is i thehamish
oh woe is me

In 1.0 nanoseconds Fergus was quiet  I took a photo...
 that reminded me of one I had taken of Watson and thehamish many years ago.

My gud dug Watson with thehamish.


Attack of the Tako !

Looking north the storm starting  yesterday afternoon.

Powerful downpours to the west.

Combining to make a microburst...

right over the foothills where I live.
It was a huge downpour, Boom !


As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

"Mandibles" get me up at 6ish every morning.
This morning sunrise over Thimble Peak reflected in my studio window.

 As usual after every rain the Sage Bush (not for eating) is blooming again.


cheers,  parsnip

I want you to know you all write the best comments. 
I have fabulous followers. so nice and wonderful that sometime make my day.
But with a 9 week old puppy I will really be hit or miss commenting
on all your blogs and some new followers.
In 6 months I might be back to "normal" whahahahahahahahahaha
oh my goodness did I really write that... normal wahahahahahahah

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Help Help Oh My Goodness Help !


 So quiet so cute so deadly.

 yesh i themandables have won

 So quiet.

 ummmm urrf gurrrrrr nurfffffff 

 I know thehamish is thinking. . .
one qick acitental nuge and themonster goes in the bad water
no one will be thinkin' i thehamish did it

i thehamish is happy thinkin' this


Here is your pretty for the middle of the week.

 The monsoons have really greened up the foothills and mountains.

 This cactus is having a second blooming but it is so red !
I can not get a good picture of the bloom with my phone camera.
It just blurs together.


cheers,  parsnip

Monday, July 17, 2017

Mandibles Of Doom. . .



or maybe George

He comes when I call him MANDIBLES !
I am in so much trouble.

Oh My Goodness, what have I done ?
 is you talkin' about me  ?

Just look at those paws.

Yept, that little puddle of black is ....

this !

It has rained so much we can not cut the grass. It is a jungle out there.

Looks like my sweet baboo Watson.

Puppy thehamish.

If you missed the reason why mandibles is here be sure to
check out my Friday Square Dog blog.


Here is your pretty to start the week.

Sunset are amazing in Tucson.
But every once in awhile when you have a lot moisture on the air the sun is so golden 
the blue of the sky turns a azure blue. It is so startling in the depth of blue.
I just sat outside and watched the colors change.


And then in a instant the colors change again.


cheers,  parsnip

Friday, July 14, 2017

Two Square Dogs and a George !

Square Dog Friday best day of the week

All hell has broken out at thehamish's home.
2 pounds of teeth. Lots of chomping teeth !
Lots of sharp puppy teeth.


awwwwww so sweet butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

i thehamish is asking why why why why is thething here'

thething is sniffin' i thehamish and nawin' on i thehamish

why was i thehamish not informed of this furry destruction'

nice tall person who feeds me is talkin' about brouther'
is this a brouther' can I eat brouther' does brouther' taste liken' chkikin'
is it gud fud for a gud dug

i thehamish is thinkin' he could taste like chkikin'

I thehamish is thinkin' he is a furry mass of distruction'

thehamish is not sure about thefurry.


Here is your pretty to start the weekend
A photo of Watson and the baby thehamish

Short story, after Watson died we started looking for a friend for thehamish.
He was missing Watson so much.
I was so sure I could find a shelter friend for him. 
I wanted a older unadoptable big dog that needed a home or a small terrier. 
Spread the love around. 
We went on so many meet and greets with dogs.
Boy do I have stories..... but they had to get along with thehamish. 
I even had a dog here for over 2 weeks, that I had his teeth fixed, pumped him full of meds 
but he wanted to be the only dog. For us not a good mix.
If I didn't have thehamish I could have adopted several great dogs.
A year and a half later we found a Scottish puppy "to be" up in Phoenix. 
Several month later he has arrived.

He does not answer to George or Hoover, my choices. Fergus or Finley, Adam's choices.

i thehamish is pickin' thething, it', mandables'  or mandables' ofdoom

The saga begins
cheers,  a very nawed on parsnip