Monday, July 2, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home...

Mrs. Blanding has arrived for her morning visit.
Since I had the fountain already on on she didn't have to stare at my kitchen window
and have to wait for me.
She is very cheeky !

two friends came to visit for a drink and a chat

pretty soon there were four and all were having a grand time

it was already quite hot by the time I took this photo

all good things must come to an end
and they all flew off
one by one.

Eryl on her blog "The Kitchen Bitch Ponders"
posted a recipe about a Dal she made.
It looked divine so I tried it.

onions, spices and a jalapeno...
mustard seeds are fabulously good !

I used what was in the pantry, so I had plain lentils and not red lentils she used

add coconut milk and water

cook for 40 or so minutes

Erly served it with wraps
but I used a small scoop of rice, a hard boiled egg and some ground turkey as condiments.
I must admit hers looked so much better
 but the Dal I made tasted so wonderful,  plain lentils and all.
Thanks for the recipe Eryl, is is a keeper!

Here is your pretty to start the week...

Sunday evening sunset

I used two different settings
but this time my little point and click photos came out
pretty close to the real color.

Everyday I think, how very lucky I am to live here in Tucson.

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . The Heinrick Maneuver,  Interpol

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  1. It's good to visit again, Parsnip. I'm sorry my visits have been so sparse. That recipe sounds worth repeating. Especially here in Melbourne where we are enduring such awful winter weather. Particularly awful by our usual standards.

    1. I know you re very busy and something is always going on around your home. Hope all is well.
      You know it is so hard to think of you all having such a cold winter and we are in the 100s

  2. Beautiful sunset photos. Your bird bath is interesting and the birds must be grateful in the summer heat.

    1. I designed the small fountain to fit in a blank wall that was there when I moved into this home.
      I might post some photos on my Wednesday blog.
      Any water is much appreciated in our super hot summer.

  3. Those birds know when they are on to a good thing. Your fame is spreading.

    1. I don't feed the birds or wild animals, it is not good for them to depend on us terrible humans but I do make sure there is water and cool spots for them on these super hot days.

  4. I like the idea of that recipe Parsnip, so shall now
    go over to look for it on Eryl's blog.

    1. It is super easy and so very good.
      I used some cooked ground turkey I had in the frig and the chopped egg as condiments but you could serve it over rice and add some chicken.

  5. Looks like the doves had a happy, cool time at the fountain. Coconut milk in Dal sounds so good, I like your step by step pictures...and your sunset view, WOW!

    1. Yes Ms Blanding is waiting for me each morning. On these very hot days many birds use the fountain to cool off.

  6. I love your attitude, those sunset shots are wonderful, you are lucky to live in Tucson and Tucson is lucky to have you living in it.

    Your dal looks nicer than mine, less mushy, I will make it with green lentils, or even puy lentils, next time. X

  7. What a wonderful thing to see the birds cavorting in your fountain. You and they both benefit from the water. That recipe for Dal with coconut milk sounds just divine. I think I'll be making that very soon! Keep cool, Parsnip.

    1. I an trying to stay cool. Early morning it is in the pool for my exercises and any outdoor project and back in the hose by 11am. Summer is my time to do inside project and stay out of the sun.

  8. That last shot is great. We have hot muggy rain filled skies here in Osaka today.

    1. Thanks so much, it came out pretty close to the real sunset.
      Summer in Japan is not my favorite time ! way to hot and muggy.
      You take care now.

  9. My cats would really like to meet those birds!

  10. Wow, patriotic clouds and Mrs. Blanding and her friends too. You even served a dish with my least favorite bean--lentils! LOL

  11. The birds would definitely need places like that.

    Gorgeous sunset pics!