Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday in Japan. . . Kumamon

Japan had a mascot for everything. 
My Granddaughter is in love with the city mascot where she lives.

I just think as a nation they like the colorful quirky, fun characters. 
They are designed to represent Prefectures, cities, national parks, shopping areas, airport, buses, trains, food anything and everything. 
They usually have a story line, and can go from super cute to ridiculous.

Kumamon is the mascot of the Kumamoto Prefecture.
 He was first designed for a campain when the Kyushu Shinkansen line opened
to draw tourist to the area.
 He is now extremely popular everywhere in Japan.
 In a really great master plan, if you want to use his image on your product,
you apply for a permit and do not have to pay a fee as long
as somewhere on your label you can state that some part of
your product comes from the Kumamoto Prefecture.

He is very popular and his cute apperence and comical movements
have lead to his popularity.
Cup of very yummy ramen
 Chopsticks and ramen
 Paper plates, chopsticks, and napkins.
 Super cute chopsticks

 Lablel from a One Cup Sake (I think)
and Ribbon Aid (band aids)


Here is your mid-week pretty
some much needed rain cloud.

bear. . . parsnip
music. . . Wouldn't it Be Nice,  The Beach Boys


  1. Why not... he is very cute that way.

  2. Looks like my rain dance has worked Parsnip.....x

  3. Since they have a fondness for cute characters, they should have an animated Scottie!

    1. They are very imaginary so no Square Ones.

  4. i remember the first time i saw a japanese person eating soup with chopsticks. i was so amazed. i tried not to start but kept peeking! yert to the boys!

    smiles, bee

    1. I am so use to eating my soup using chopsticks and drinking the soup from the bowl that I have to remember where I am and not do that. hahahahahahahaha