Sunday, February 2, 2014

2 February 2014. . . Happy Birthday sleepytako !

Today for many people it is Groundhog Day.
This very cute rodent comes out of his nice warm burrow and looks around. 
If he sees his shadow he will go back into his burrow and winter will continue for six more weeks. If it is cloudy and he doesn't see his shadow then spring will come early.
I assume this year if he doesn't see his shadow he will mosey off to the local bar and eat spicy chicken wings with a beer while watching the Super Bowl.


But more important Today is my oldest son's Birthday.
If you are born on a holiday this is the one.
The best holiday ever, quirky and just fun !

So Happy Happy Birthday,  Sleepytako !
Even though in Japan his Birthday was yesterday, 
which is my tomorrow
but here in Tucson 
tomorrow was your yesterday.
Which really comes down to ....
you get two Birthdays !
yert !

Let there be Cake.

happy. . . parsnip
music. . .  On Top Of The World,   Imagine Dragons
I tried to draw a groundhog. 
I found a photo of 
Punxsutawney Phil the Famous Groundhog.
And I tried I really tried to do a realistic drawing.
He is very handsome groundhog but I got somewhat carried away and
since I don't really draw realistic.....
He kinda looks like a tiny polar bear ?
If I colored him gray and brown maybe he would look more groundhog.
Plus I took the photo at night... might try again tomorrow. 
yert !


  1. your groundhog is adorable... just sayin'! yert!

    smiles, bee

  2. I hope your son will have a birthday filled with warmth and good food.

  3. Happy birthday to your son.

    Never understood why the groundhog doesn't come out at the beginning of December. By February 2, I'm pretty much used to it, even a winter as terrible as this one.

  4. He does look like a little polar bear!

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  5. What if the groundhog is wrong again?

  6. Happy birthday, Sleepytako!

    Okay, so the "Twist and Shout" story. The scene in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, watched for the first time the day after 7th grade, was the beginning of my self-guided explorations in music. It all might have happened anyway but it's possible my life path would have been different if not for that scene.

  7. Happy Birthday to sleepytako!

    The groundhog had better be wrong!

  8. I think your drawing is wonderful; much more enjoyable seeing the little stinker on paper than in my veggie patch. Yert!

  9. I love that groundhog! Thank you so much mom!

  10. Happy Birthday to # 1 son.
    The ground hog looks great to me.