Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thank Goodness. . . rain !

I know many of you out there in Blogland are in the grips of WINTER.
But here in lovely Tucson, Arizona,
it has been warm, sunny, blue skies and highs in the 70's.
Sounds wonderful right ?
But it is our winter rainy season and we need the rain in the valley and snow in the mountains that ring Tucson. 
Or our summer will be one huge fire !

Today is the offical start of The Tucson Gem Show.
One of the biggest (if not the biggest) Gem and Minneral Shows in the world.
Tucson is host to buyers and seller from all over the world.
Every Saguaro is full up with visiters.

Rain has come or a really nice drizzle to Tucson today. 
Of course Mother Nature always plays a joke on us
because after several months of no rain,  
She has to decide to rain on the first day of 
The Gem Show !
I lurvf her sence of humor.
Gem show fun.

drizzly . . . parsnip
music. . . I Feel Fine,  The Beatles


  1. You mostly seem to get such perfect weather, Parsnip! not the drizzle though but I expect even that feels quite nice as a contrast sometimes

    1. Not to be really loopy.... but I go out and stand in the rain.
      Rain is such a blessing to us desert dwellers.

  2. Replies
    1. Goodness it has been so cold were you are !
      But my friend in Chicago I think has uit even colder.
      I am so happy to see some rain... and not to be greedy (Oh Mother Nature where ever you are) but Tucson needs it.
      Must try to email you again, all my emails are coming back.
      Keep safe especially Collin.

      cheers, parsnip

  3. Enjoy the rain. We'll try not to send any Arctic chills your way...

    1. Thank You so much !
      You may keep as much of the really cold Arctic Vortex as you want.

  4. «Louis» is pleased to read that you have gotten some rain. You are in the same drought as is California. It's dry dry dry.
    It was supposed to rain in Northern California Thursday, but only a few sprinkles managed to fall. Normally the hills are emerald green now but they are still as brown as in the peak of summer...

    1. I think you have it worst. Over 10 years with no real rain.
      We here have gotten some rain in the past few years. even though we are not up to the right amount...
      But according to several friends living in Orange County ... it is so dry dry dry bad bad bad.

  5. Glad you got the rain; too bad it's just now, but better now than never! We've had a dry winter too but we're happy about it!

    1. Now if it would keep it up.
      I notice some of my comments on your blog and several friend are not getting published ?
      I do read your blog !

  6. I wish I was near enough to come to that gem show - sounds fascinating.

  7. Whilst we in South West England are drowning - not waving.