Monday, February 6, 2017

You have got to be kidding !

To the Belgian Brewing Company who owns 
Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Beer....

There is a big difference between a LEGAL immigrant an
ILLEGAL immigrant.
I am a proud second generation American of Polish Grandparents
who came Legally to America. I know the difference. Do you ?

If you need to see the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL
please come to my border city in my border state and live here not on a "flyover".

By the way Budweiser, you have the right (?) to support illegals over legal immigrants
as I have the right to never drink Budweiser Beer. 

Also I have no idea who 84 Lumber, is but good job on telling illegals you support
and encouraging them to break our laws.  
You show and support illegals sneaking across the border with the drug smugglers, 
exploiters of women children and ever present cartel members. 

Oh wait you showed one mother and child you have got to be kidding me. 
She would never be allowed to travel to illegally cross the border, 
without paying off the Cartels and the Mexican police.
Plus she would be carrying drug for the cartels.
She would be traveling with anywhere from 10 to 30+
across the border illegally  at any given moment on any day.

May you live your convictions with thousands of illegals descending on your lumber
company sites expecting your support over legal workers, green card holders, 
and first generations workers, who are pushed out of construction jobs by illegal workers 
who are paid less and work longer hours.
Yea You !

Oh by the way I am not a supporter of Trump. 
Not that I should have to say that but it seems I do.

This is just how I feel after sitting down with my coffee to
watch and enjoy all the commercials  from the Super Bowl.
Thank Goodness I saw the Audi commercial "Daughter" after
the above mess.


  1. I agree, can't stand Trump, but keeping illegals out is important, that's why Mexico is so strict on their southern border.

    1. Do You know what they have and do on their southern border ? Horiffic

  2. It's a double edged sword kind of issue.

    1. Canada=35,000 to 120,000
      America= 13 million not counting the anchor babies

  3. The game was much better than the commercials and I'm usually only watching the ads. My favorite was Kia with Melissa Macarthy.

    1. where she is on the ice flow ? so much fun I just love her

  4. I watched the ad just now on line. There was a article accompanying the ad where an official from 84Lumber said, "Our message is that America is the land of opportunity and 84 Lumber is the company of opportunity."

    Cool. Meanwhile, the reality is that countries have boundaries or they are not countries. Nobody is unsympathetic to the stranger looking for a better life.

    The way this ad is presented is purposely provocative. This sort of misrepresentation of an issue ticks me off. It is childish manipulation to suggest that the USA is wrong to enforce immigration laws.

    1. Lynn, you are so right. They keep pointing fingers at the Republicans (?) for pretend news
      but all the poor heartstrings that are pull over the manipulation of the truth the 84 Lumber ad is the worst.

  5. I didn't watch super bowl or any ads but I imagine many political influence there. By the way, here in Atlanta, many of my coworkers are very unhappy that the team lost in such a disastrous way...!

    1. I wanted Atlanta to win. I really didn't care who won but I like when the underdog wins. Plus I am the only person in America who doesn't like Brady. He showed everyone in America that you can win by cheating.

    2. I hear several Patriots have declined the traditional White House invitation. I'm not a fan (Brady's ego could use some deflating!), but I'll applaud them for making a statement by their refusal.

  6. Parsnip, I don't watch much television, but am always sort of fascinated by commercials, as I try to figure out to whom they are directed. Rarely, rarely, do I feel like I am the intended audience.

    1. Ad companies know how to twist the truth and make you believe what they want. I use to do ad work for a short while.
      This Mom in the ad with her child is really the Mom who came up with the surge 2 years ago. When at her court hearing to determine her status, the mom said in english "where is my money" ! This happened in a court in Texas.

  7. The 84 Lumber ad didn't really make a lot of sense to me because the ending was abbreviated and I didn't bother to look it up online.

    As for the beer ad, having grown up in St. Louis and worked for an advertising agency that was headed by a Busch cousin, I knew the story of Adolphus Busch's immigration to the US from Germany, his first meeting with Eberhardt Anheuser. I thought that ad was well-done--though it lacked the cuteness of the ones featuring the Clydesdales!

    Except for the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 ad, I also liked the Melissa McCarthy ad best.

    Overall, this year's Super Bowl commercials was lackluster.

  8. The AB ad was well done but the ad was tilted to make it's point.
    My grandparents I am sure met with anger but they worked hard. Grandfather was a Detective for the Pinkertons. His children all finished school spoke English and when on to work on some huge projects. One designed the electrical system on one of the first "new" submarines.

    This is a lot difference from the illegals who use the cartels and anchor babies to get a foothold for money with the democrat's blessing = babies= money = votes.
    Most of the illegals have no wish to learn English, study, or even become citizens. They are Mexicans #1 ! and are here for the money. So very different from the Asian community and especially the Vietnamese community here. They remind me of my Grandparents.
    Growing up in Chicago I knew the Anheuser Busch story.
    I am all for immigrants but Legal ones.