Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Monday post a day late

Godzilla and thehamish !

This was to be my Monday post till I posted my rant instead.

Godzilla is my Hero !
These shirts say it all !

Then there is my number 1 hero thehamish.
I was paying ball with thehamish on the grass area in the yard.

His favorite summer game is to drop the balls in the water and wait till the current 
brings it back to him. 
So after some play time, he zoomed around me and off to the pool.
The water is not warm at all but play time is play time.

 yesh nice tall person who feed us i thehamish is liken' playin' pool ball
liken' it better when it gots' warm

 Placed the New Year Roster in the place of honor for the year.

 I know it is the year of the Roster but that is one really cute chicken !

 So far the Monkey is on the shelve with the Rat but I need to move a few animals around.

 Late night photo not the best but interesting.
This is a morning photo.


Here is your pretty for the (late) first of the week.
If I didn't love my header eo much (Scotties gud ) I would have this picture up there.


hey what about me the gud dug i thehamish

gud dug i thehamish
i thehamish got fluffy

awwwwww sweety you are the best !
gud. . . parsnip
music. . . God and My Girlfriends,  Reba McEntire


  1. Ah, thehamish, you are always the best part of any blog post.


  2. Love those Godzilla shirts! But yes, thehamish is always the #1 hero :-) He is so cute waiting for the ball to come back.
    Love your Roster and the whole collection. The rice cake decoration brings back memories of Japan to me :-)

    1. Oh godzilla I love you but I love thehamish more.

  3. The Ham likes big balls. Does he ever jump in after them? Cute display of Chinese animals. I am a rabbit and this year is going to be the death of me I fear. At least that's what it said; bad health, lose my fortune...

    1. thehamish loves all balls but that one (I don't think it goes in the water) makes google sounds. He is crazy about it ! Thank goodness the water has toned down the loud sound.
      I am a Boar but I think this is a ominous year for all !

  4. Wonderful, wonderful shirts, must get one. Love the fluffed up Hamish.

  5. Ha ha ha Where is the 'like' button?

  6. No, not a Godzilla fans at all, but we love all your pretty pottery figures. My peep and I are really very big fans of i thehamish !

    Inca xx

    1. Everyone likes thehamish. When I started this blog Watson was his partner in laughters and crimes

  7. it was fun to see this "Monday" post on Wednesday. I like all those animal figurines...they are charming. Also very charming is a certain pool-loving gud dog.


  8. Replies
    1. So great some of the shirts that they come out with these days.

      Guess what? I found a place for the pantry shelf and all is well with the world. I am thrilled. Thrilled, I tell you, thrilled.

  9. I wonder how Hamish would react to the not warm conditions if he lived in Michigan. Pool ball would be ice ball. LOL

    1. I think he would like ice ball but snow ball much better

  10. Hamish looks so content.

    I get the impression you really love Godzilla....