Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday In Japan. . . train tickets

Traveling in Japan by train is such a treat.
Besides "Eki-Ben"  train food (no McDonalds) The tickets/passes are beautiful.
You need a small "change"type purse to hold tickets and of course the odd change.
I found this small Gaspard and Lisa  (very popular in Japan) years ago one and use it in America just for change but I always keep a favorite train ticket in one of the slots.
You fill the ticket with as much money as you want but I was always buying extra tickets for the photos and designs. I have a huge collection.

special Kobe pass

Adam just brought these back from his trip.

I especially love the train photos.
I adore this one because it looks like a stop on a line I traveled everyday.


 At larger station you can pick your ticket but at smaller station you get what is the machine that day.  One year I must have gotten four of the Dachshund puppy.

Which is rather sweet because a few years later daughter rescued a red long haired Dachshund.
Isn't life wonderful !

train. . . parsnip
music. . . The Sixth Station,  Joe Hisaishi

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  1. Well, the Dachie is cute, therefore....

    colourful stuff, Parsnip!

    1. Dachshunds are very popular in Japan

  2. What a delightful thing to collect!I used to collect phone cards, long ago - not very seriously but, like you, for what was on them,

  3. Those are beautiful looking passes.

  4. I've never been on a train, not even here--but I hear it's a very enjoyable experience. And given how complicated air travel has become, I may give the train a go....

  5. What a great idea. I like the Lily of the Valley one best, if that's what it is!

  6. I just adore those train tickets and don't blame you for collecting them

  7. Oh my, I can see why you collect those beautiful train tickets. What an amazing culture to create art for all the everyday things. Your change purse is darling too. Hope you're keeping cool there in Tucson.

  8. Oh those are cool. I would totally be travelling everywhere just so I could collect them. I remember some old cigarettes used to come with nature photos and I tried collecting them but I don't know what happened to them now.

  9. Like the stamps, they make more money if you buy tickets and don't use them. Pretty though.