Thursday, July 18, 2013

extra extra extra post. . .

When I woke up this morning this is what I saw from my bedroom window.
Temperature at 84, blue skies, fluffy white clouds = a lovely morning in Tucson
during the monsoon season. It will only be around 100 today Woohoo !
Beautiful !

Photo from Monday's post, the two views of and from my bedroom.

lucky . . . parsnip
music. . . I'm From The Country,  Tracy Byrd
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  1. We have about the same and are finding it difficult to cope with Fortunately I was taught in the South of France how to survive a heat wave.

  2. Nice views and even better temperatures today. Hurrah!

  3. Loving the sunshine - another BBQ tonight! Hubby cooks - I just have to eat and drink! lol!

  4. We are joining you in having 100'F temperatures today.
    Hope the Square Ones are keeping cool.
    Buster sends love!

  5. "Only" 100???? And I thought the heat here was bad!

  6. Winter, winter, whereforth art thou, winter?

  7. That's quite a view you've got! So hot, so hot, all over the country. Supposedly ours is breaking tomorrow. Here's hoping...

  8. Wow, that's gotta be quite a view out your bedroom window.

    Here's hoping the temperatures stay in the double digits today. (It could happen!)

  9. I love the hot summer days here.