Friday, July 5, 2013

Square Dog Friday. . .

                                                   Square Dog Friday !
                                      Best day of the week, so lets woof it !

           Blogger has "lost" again all the blogs I follow and I can't post my usual way.
                        I  know it will all come back when the blog gods deem I have
                                                     suffered enough.
                                                             woof !                
 Sometimes we need quiet time. We could be sick and not feeling very good, so nice tall person who feeds us, lets us rest in a soft quiet place.  I am inside because I was really sick and needed to be very quiet. Not moving at all. 
This is a funny photo because usually it is tehhamish  locked inside because he is very naughty.
 hey im' not always naughty sometmes im sick  so igets to be quiet and do restin' but sometimes i am naughty but not knowin' what that word means naughty sounds like fun

 sometimes im' just napping in the littlehouse it is our safe place evens gud mum can't go in there here im' with favorite toy i gots it now mine minemineminemine mine
not gud old dug Watson but mememememememem minemine mine

 ilikin' this photo of teh gud dug Watson wipein' his face with his paw he is gud old dug

 Doggie pile up. Son who just graduated is moving all his stuff back into his room. Lots of suff way too much stuff boxes, books, computers clothes and stuff more stuff.

                                     Best thing of all he had lots of puppy help !

 Lots of puppy help. Way to much puppy help. Daughters dogs Waldie on pillow and Truffs in the front helped Watson and thehamish help son unpack. So much help, in fact way too much help. So exhausting. So a doggy pile up nap was need.


                 and just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.

 After the big storm that blew through Monday, I got up Tuesday at 6am to survey the damage.  When I walked into my bathroom that has a floor to ceiling window, what did I see ? a cottontail frozen mid dig staring back at me. I backed out slowly grabed my phone and snapped this cute photo.
The cottontail blend into the ground so well that unless they move you can't always see them right away.

 That is such a tiny opening to the nest or escape tunnel ?  I have watched him digging and I know he can fit. I have seen his little head and ears peaking out. But that is one tiny opening !

Have a lovely weekend. Mine will be busy. I have another leak in my roof, and one side yard sunscreen on the ramada has ripped so repairs are filling up my weekend.

                                         busy. . . parsnip
                                          music. . . Hit The ground running,  Doves


  1. I love the doggie pile up! It looks like they all get along nicely. My son graduated and moved back home with tons of stuff too. :)

    1. Yes we are lucky that they do get along. It is a herd of dogs when they are around. Daughter partner calls then The Four Dogs of the Apocalypse

  2. I sometimes get it where my blog list vanishes, and I have to click on my own posts and then back out again to see it restored.

    The cottontail rabbits look about as big as the snowshoe rabbits we get here in the country.

    We do have rabbits in the city- I noticed one chewing contentedly on the grass this morning at a local high school- but they're smaller.

    The doggie pile looks hilarious!

    1. My blog gets lost all the time.
      I love when I get to see the baby bunnies in the early morning but it is not that easy.

  3. Replies
    1. I love it so much Watson is such a sweetie. He is Mr. Charm

  4. With those adorable dogs, I don't imagine you ever feel lonely. And now you've got your son home... so maybe HE can help with that leak in the roof. My hubby got so tired of having to slather a big can of tar on the roof every year to fight a persistent leak at the seam between the original house and the addition, we ended up having a metal roof installed on the whole shebang about five years ago. Best investment ever! (It WAS a little funny when the roof was brand new, though, because the squirrels kept slipping and sliding around on it when it was wet.)

    Happy weekend! Don't work too hard... it's HOT out there!

    1. I have a repair man on call who helps me out. I love the idea of a metal roof covering mine. I don't think the neighbors would like it. I have thought of one for many years. The reflective qualities plus air space between the two roofs would really help in the Arizona heat.

  5. The doggies are all adorable!

    We have cottontails, too. Recently, I got up early one morning and saw one right outside our door....

  6. I love the pile of puppies. SO sweet.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. I get to babysit Daughters duggies it will be a pile o' puppies !

  7. Now you square ones - just get yourselves back into peak position
    - I love the photo with the paw on the face.

    1. Dr. Watson is just the best but getting him to take a good photo is really hard. So when I get a great shot that shows his sweet personality I love it.

  8. Ooo - bunnies undermining your slab for safety.