Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday In Japan... Attack of the Totoros !

After graduation Son went to visit his brother and family in Japan.
He also took a suitcase filled with gifts to give family and friends.
Returning he had a suitcase filled with gifts for family in Tucson.

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you
 know my love of Studio Ghibli movies and of course Totoro.

Gift of towels from my fabulous DIL's sister. 
My DNL's family is  just the most lovely family.
And they know me too well !

Son brought me two of the softest little Totoros to add to my collection.
Le sigh... I am becoming the crazy cat lady who lives down the street.


He also gave me a new Totoro seal case

When you snap it open, the top of the ink pad, a very red thick paste type ink,
opens up also. This is what you stamp you seal in.
On my next trip to Japan I am looking for another small seal
but this time I want a square one.

 Gaspard and Lisa case from my second trip to Japan.
I always wanted my own seal, so  I remember this day and trip so clearly
and was very excited to be able to buy one.
It was carved with my first name and ready for pick-up in a few days. 

Case with the small round seal I bought.

So you can get an idea how small my seal is.
They come in all sizes and if you live in Japan
you need one for signing any important papers.

happy. . . parsnip
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  1. Okay, sweet lady, you KNOW why I'm excited to see all of these pictures!

  2. The crazy cat lady... or the crazy totoro lady?

    1. any crazy lady who has or collects way to much of......

  3. I love the idea of having a seal, especially in that glorious red ink. I love the way EVERYTHING in Japan is so totally different from western stuff. It's so great to have your little window onto their world.

  4. Your new Totoro towels are adorable and how cute is the plush gray Totoro holding the leaf! :D

  5. I think you have to dump the dogs and get at least a half dozen cats to qualify as a 'crazy cat lady'