Friday, July 12, 2013

Square Dog Friday... life in the slow lane

Goodness where has the week gone ?
I know yesterday was Tuesday,  I know it was, I swear !
The Two Little Black Square Dogs always know what day it is.
Even though they only post on Friday, it is in their contract.
Everyday is Square Dog Friday
when your a Little Black Square Dog.
So lets woof it...
yert !

Sleepy gud dugs.
thehamish and Dr. Watson
Just waking up

Love the stretch and tail curl plus the sweet pointed toes

whats you doing ? not photo ready  im' still sleepin' here
this bed is lookin' gud you not need to be makin'it
i likes its' nerffey its' gud.

yawn so boring this conversation not wantin' to be movin'
borinborinborin' bored and sleepy

not movin' too sleepy

ummmmmmmmmmm did i hear you mention breakfast ?
yert !

Goodness thehamish is very noisy this morning

I give up, this is what I have to put up with everyday

I can help make the bed but first some extra sleeping.

My sweet baboo Dr. Watson

He loves to nap in the crate. Such a safe place to be especially when your deaf.
Nice comfy safe place.

New design, stand up Square Dog note card.

Here is another design of the same idea but with more straight lines
 not so curvy and round.  Don't know which one I like better.


And just because I can, here is your pretty to start the weekend.

A youngling cottontail was standing up on this rock on his tippy toes
eating the berries from the bush.
Of course the second I started the to take the photo he dropped down to catch his balance.
I think he is much like Peter Rabbit wanting what is in Mr. MacGregor's Garden.

sleepy. . . parsnip
music. . . From The Morning,  Nick Drake
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  1. I cannot get enough of those two cuties. Great shot of the rabbit!

    1. Each in his own way is a sweetie darling !
      The cottontail was so silly.

  2. We just got our new design Square Dogs card along with a treasure chest of Totoro goodness!! Little one was super thrilled with everything, she's been 'organizing' all her treats all morning long. :) :)

    I will send you pictures of the new Totoro with her old Totoro -- who are now best friends! We just looked at the Square Dog Friday pics of thehamish and Dr. Watson and she squealed, 'they're so cuuuuuuuuuute!'

    The beautiful towel you gave me is hanging on my oven. I doubt I'll use it to clean my hands in the street because it means too much to me! Pics coming to your email in just a sec.

    Thank you, sweet kind parsnip, for your generosity. You made our Square Dog Friday.

    1. awww happy the Totoro's made it to your home.

  3. So the dogs slept in while the rabbits were out and about? Sounds about right.

  4. Just like Peter Rabbit! Love your duvet cover by the way.

    1. He was so funny but it took me a few seconds to get the camera and holding it still is really hard so I only got one good photo. Plus he knew I was taking his photo even behind the studio windows. They are very attuned to their surroundings.
      I have several spring/summer and winter duvet covers. In the hot hot summer I like something with cool colors or a light design.

  5. Looks like they're enjoying sleeping in!

    What a cute bunny!

    1. That was taken at about 6:30 am. I don't have any blinds on my window so the early morning sun is early !
      So sleeping in means 7am. thehanmish need his breakfast so he can get his insulin shot, So I never get to sleep in ever,

  6. One can never do too much sleeping, after all.

    And what a wabbit... I mean, rabbit.

  7. Lazy, hazy days of summer.

  8. love fridays here! sorry to be late though, don't know what is wrong with me, can't get the new feed thingy to work, buggers..... yert!!!!

    smiles, bee

  9. Multi woofs to those two adorables.
    I too love both cards - can't decide which I love most.
    That cotton tail picture is superb.

  10. Awe--Cute bunny and cuter little square ones. Awesome note-card idea and design. I like the curvier version but that's just me. Thanks for the adorableness.