Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Suprising Tuesday

I usually post only three days a week.
Monday, whats going on around my home, Wednesday is Japan and Friday is ...
wait for it, wait for it,  you know whats coming. . . Square Dog Friday.

Monday started out lovely, lunch with family at our favorite restaurant
and then waiting at home when I got back, was some unsettling news.
It followed me around most of the day and night and I awoke today at 6:20 still feeling sad.
And then I looked outside.
Instead of our normal bright blue sky and fluffy white cloud I saw lightly overcast sky and smelled rain and saw the sunrise.
The Square Ones and I walked outside to a very light drizzle rain.
And yes, because I live in the desert, this is a treat, a huge treat.
I sat outside in the drizzle (for all of 10 minutes that's all it lasted) and enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of rain, and damp green earth.

Isn't life just beautiful.


Pretty perfect !

lovely. . . parsnip
music. . . Paradise,  Jeff Beal 
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  1. We had some brief sprinkles here too, nice change.

  2. sure hope it's all good now honey, and yes, life is grand, just grand! yert!

    smiles, bee

  3. I am sure that rain, however short its stay, is such a welcome sight parsnip.
    We are having a real heat wave here and I know that when it does eventually rain
    again the smell of rain on the wet pavements and on the greenery will be enchanting.
    Hope your sad news has gone now. Love to the square ones who obviously enjoyed the rain

  4. Sorry for the bad news, but hopefully, that little bit of rain washed some of the sadness away. And YES, life is beautiful. There's a Ziggy cartoon on the side of my fridge... a yellowed cartoon, I might add, because it's been there for 30 years or so. Anyhow, the carton shows Ziggy looking upward with his arms spread, and it says, "I love life! Thanks for giving me one."

  5. So nice that you finally got some rain!

  6. I'm sorry for the bad news....

    The shots look lovely.

  7. I hope things are better for you now, Gayle.

    The photos are beautiful....

  8. Last night we had a huge waterspout a/k/a twister hit 2 miles away from my Salon. So much rain, wind and excitement.

    Hugs and chocolate,