Wednesday, March 6, 2013

wednesday in the land of gud dugs...

Someday but not today, I do want to get back to my usual Wednesday posting about
my time spent in Japan.
Instead, the Wednesday post has been sporadic at best and filled with other stuff.
And this is why...

The main partners in crime.
Hamish on the right and Watson peaking over my knees.
Many mornings this is what I wake up to.
That is Watson special pillow and blanket for sleeping.

and Dr. Watson moves up for his close up.
Photos taken with my phone.

Watson has dementia so you have to remind him where is (especially after naps time)
and that everything is just fine. He is in kidney failure. Special diet and prozac.
 Then there is Hamish. the bladder surgery, two lens replacement, and the mass amounts of pills, diet restrictions and his diabetics plus the two shots a day.
My dance card is filled !
Right now Hamish has been very sick for three days if not better, back to the Vets tomorrow.

Then there is the late bills, opps my bad ! tax info, my doctors appointments....
Just another day.

And yet every morning I wake up to to furry friends and a this !

Life is pretty gud and all the other stuff can be worked out.

Hope to have a Hamish up-date on the Square Dog Friday.
No matter how busy I get, one blog post that I can never miss is Square Dog Friday.
It is in their contract and non-negotiable !
Along with correct amounts of chikin' strips !

working. . . parsnip
music. . . I Only Have Eyes For You,  The Flamingos

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  1. Poor Watson and Hamish. You are their guardian angel from the heavens. I see the clouds. So beautiful.

  2. oh i SO hope the hamish and dr watson are okay honey.

    hugs, bee


  3. It's a great relationship - you care for them, and they are cute and keep you company in return - even if it takes up all of your time!

  4. Oh, we all start falling apart when we get old. Nice that they have someone like you around.

  5. It's hard when pets age. Hope yours do better.

  6. Sending warm hugs to you and the boys.

  7. A gorgeous sky today. I hope the lads are doing okay.