Monday, March 18, 2013

parley view parsnip... my last five weeks

The continuing saga of life with Two Little Square Black Dugs !
You all know the last few episodes.... sick,  throw-up,  poo, lots of poo, more throw up
no eating, no drinking. . . .
thehamish is better and Watson is somewhat better but...

Watson's new delightful food plus pancakes
and when the can food sticks to it some of his special dry food.
Can you say yummy ?
the a/d food is is suppose to dogs crazy to eat it but I have to tempt him he just doesn't want to eat.
hahahahahaha if only I could say that. 

And just because I can, here is your funny, crazy and or stupid for the start of the week.

On my many trips to and from the vets and grocery store this is what I see.

ummmmmm lost keys and  used a really big can opener to get into car ?
love the matching tape.

In parking lot of my market, this kind of stuff drives me crazy.
He is parked the wrong way in the parking space, he is sticking out into the drive way
plus he is taking two parking spots.

sorry blurry photo
Hey crazy stupid man, if your car is that important
just park it in your living room and play with it don't drive it !
Or if your on a beer run, take a taxi.
Now for your smile to start the week.

Two not feeling very gud but getting better sleepy puppies.

tired. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing Out In Space,  David Bowie
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  1. They do look like such sleepyheads!

  2. Aw- poor little guys. I love the Scottie dog. When I was a dog-walker they were my favorite to walk. I hope they feel 100% very soon. Just over from Going Gently. Sweet blog. Deb (Ontario, Canada)

  3. Poor little boys! Hope they feel better soon. That parking drives me mad! If I had super-strength, I'd pick them up and move them a few bays away to confuse the owners.

  4. Awwwwwwww don't you JUST love em? Night night boys xxx

  5. awww, cute boys, hope they feel better honey.


    smiles, bee

  6. I hate when people park that way. They're cute as always, thanks!

  7. Chicken sticks in a jar? Not freshly grilled? You spoil those guys (and it looks like they appreciate it all)

  8. Gerbers? You're babying those dogs! (I'm sure they deserve it)

  9. Good to hear that there has been some canine improvement.

  10. The dogs are sweet.....I got hooked by the Bowie comment though...LOVE him!

  11. Two dogs are much harder than one. My brother's dog is here now and I am covered in dog spittle and the wafting of soaked puppy pads has me gagging. You are definitely better at this.