Sunday, March 10, 2013

and there is snow !

Can you see it ?
There is snow on the Catalina Mountains right behind the foothills at my home,
right under the two small clouds in the middle of the photo.
The mountains are so much closer to me than they look on this photo.
I can almost touch them.

Have a lovely Sunday

cloudy. . . parsnip
music. . . Lovely Day. . .  Bill Withers
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  1. Replies
    1. hahahahaha...
      I am off to my everyday blah market and dreaming of all the Asian markets around you...
      So want a Daikon salad with an order Unagi nigiri-zushi and a Spicy tuna roll. le sigh

  2. Quite the view!

    So, how's life in one of the few jurisdictions not gullible enough to swallow daylight savings time?

    1. How did you know that ?
      One reason I love living in Arizona (Mountain Time) no frigging time change.
      Plays havoc when you have to figure out if you calling someone to early or late.
      But in nature time is the right time !
      One year, when I was but a child, the crazies in the Capital forgot to vote (they did that every year) to stay on Mountain Time so we had to change the time. It was 8pm and still way to sunny and all the Drive-In Theaters had to put their times back because no movie could be shown at 8pm because it was too light ! Try getting a kid to come in eat and go to bed in bright sunlight, fireworks, shows under the stars it was a huge mess ! They NEVER forgot again.

  3. All the snow's melted here in Ohio, as it's now in the 60s. Hope it stays that way.

  4. There was mention of it in the papers yesterday, that Arizona, Hawaii, and a handful of possessions are the only part of the US that won't use DST. On this side of the border, the province of Saskatchewan never enacted it.

    All that changing clocks accomplishes is annoying millions of people twice a year...

  5. Oh, we are due some snow here too, but I guarantee it won't be as picturesque as yours! or the sky so blue.... sigh....

  6. personally i'd like to stay on dst all year long. i like the light later.


    smiles, bee

  7. Are you tempted to brush the snow off?
    Bill's "Lovely Day" is a firm favourite here.

  8. Your mountains make our Dales look so small Parsnip.