Monday, March 25, 2013

parley view parsnip... writing haiku

In 2011, I took part of a blogging homemade art exchange.
At the time daughter was teaching me how to make/design handmade books.
So waalaa a haiku book was designed !

On my Friday blog post for "Tiny Harmonies" haiku March extravaganza,
I was asked a question by Susan about the way I write my haiku.

When I first started writing haiku I research how to write one.
The way I remember what I read was
A typical haiku focus on nature
Try to tell about a season
Describe a feeling
The first two lines focuses on one thing and the last line should be
something surprising, a gift.

Why I don't use capitalization or punctuation is because I want the words to flow
as you read them.
Plus as an artist I just like the way it looks.

Here is one of the books I made.
Gosh, terrible photos I must re-shoot them.

dragon in the clouds
white rabbit lives in the moon
run run run away hide

Written in Japanese and that is my seal.
kumo no tatsu
tsuki kara negero

This is a translation of my haiku from Japanese back into English.
I like it much better than my orginal haiku but it does not translate
into the 5 7 5 syllables.

dragon of the clouds
from the moon escapes
white rabbit

So I really have no answers on how to write a haiku, beyond the syllables.
I just write what I like.

And because it is Monday that means it is back to the vet for the still sick
Two Little Square Black Dogs.
And to make this even better Hamish has an on going leg problem
and yes, you guessed it,  that leg has flared up again.
Oh Goodie !
I am so lucky lucky lucky  !

haiku. . . parsnip
music. .  The Sheltering Sky, Ryuichi Sakamoto

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  1. You're so artistic, Parsnip. I often admire the stuff you do. The book with the clouds is particularly lovely.

    1. Thank you very much.
      but if it wasn't for my daughter it would not have come out as nice. Most important is the folding of the paper. Mess that up and your book doesn't ever come out right. She was such a help on this projects. Her books are beyond wonderful.

  2. Beautiful haiku and lovely looking book.

  3. Your vet's bills must be stacking up! Poor square ones. The book is absolutely gorgeous and I love the haiku.

    1. I keep telling Hamish that if he didn't live with me he would be dead. We have replaced the lens in both eyes, he was going blind, bladder surgery, leg/hip problem, years of testing for his skin problems, pills, salves, drops, sprays on and on and on. Then there is the special foods he has to eat for his bladder problems plus I cook for both dogs.
      Now on to Watson.....
      But I love them and they seem to enjoying their life so I do what I can.

  4. Those poor darling dogs - they look so unhappy in the
    photograph Parsnip - I am sure they just need lots of
    your tender loving care.

    1. Yes they are keeping quiet but when I get them up to go outside they wag their tails and run around, even Hamish on three legs.

  5. Replies
    1. "Scottie puddles"
      hahahahahaha the best comment ever and I am going to steal that !

  6. gorgeous book, sugar! it's been years since i've made one and even longer since i've attempted to write haiku! LOL i love your sweet "scottie puddles!" i wish them well! xoxoxo

  7. very beautiful! and so sorry the hamish has a bad leg now. not fair. totally not fair!

    smiles, bee


  8. You are lucky, lucky, lucky. But I am lucky, lucky and luckier? LOL I love the little booklet, the Japanese writing and the cloud photo. The haiku is icing on the cake Miss Parsnip!

  9. Awesome book! And your boys look so content.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  10. Thank you so much for telling more about your haiku. Your books are beautiful, and as always, so are your haiku. The no punctuation, no capitalization reminds me of e.e. cummings.

  11. Sending love and good wishes to the doggies.

    p, this post was just beautiful. Thank you for sharing the verses as well as the images, that gives a lovely insight into you.

  12. Something seems more wrong that that - one of those dogs appears to be upside down!

  13. I'd be out of my depth trying to write haiku!