Friday, March 8, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Tanuki and a haiku

It is Friday best day of the week if your
Two Little Square Black Dogs.
You know the drill 
so lets woof it !

awwwwww sweet old gud dug  Dr. Watson on his blanket. Just up from a nap.

nice tall person who feeds us said thehamish is sick
thehamish not feeling gud so m' geting to sit on her lap
not gud all days weeks not gud
oh woe is me

not feelin' really gud even sittin' on mums lap
oh woe is me

thinkin' i needin'  nap
yert !

Who is this sweet baboo ?
Two weeks ago this precious little girl was thrown out of a car in front of The Humane Society, where daughter works.
I guess we should be happy she wasn't tossed on the interstate.

She was thought to have spinal damage not being able to use her back legs so she was
not adoptable.  She was scheduled to be put down. But daughter fought to save her.  Every time she walked by her at the clinic there she was smiling and wagging her tail. Daughter named her Truffle and worked with her to really see if she had spinal damage. Two weeks later the vet revised his findings. They think she has had some major shock to her back from being thrown from the car and hitting the street.
Crate rest, meds and daughter working with her has done wonders.
A pardon from death.
So guess who has adopted another dog.
After daughter worked with her like she did with their long haired dachshund Waldie, who did slip a disk and had to have spinal surgery. He was beaten and abused before she adopted him. His back is damaged.

Maybe she could come and live with me ? But I think she is very happy with Waldie.

The first time I saw her I thought she looked very Japanese,
like a breed of dog that I have seen in  Japan.
They think she might be part Kai inu and Corgi, 
I think she looks like a Tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog except for the black mask and ears. She has the red undercoat with black overcoat.
Or she could be a Kitsune, a fox  she has the fluffy tail !
But for me she will always be  a Tanuki.

Here she is resting at her new home with her new friend Waldie.

And just because I can, here is a pretty to start the weekend.

Now for the haiku
Subliminal Coffee is having a month long Friday haiku edition for the coming spring.
Today theme is origin.
Pretend you see a little yellow "Peep" that  I can't seem to grab from her post.
I am probably not following the rules right but I love writing haiku. 
So here is my spring haiku.

winter is gone now
dusty road beyond stone wall
sound of a bird wing

saving . . . parsnip
music. . . Pink Cadillac,  Bruce Springsteen
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  1. That last shot is exquisite Parsnip and we really need it here today as it is more like November - cold and wet and foggy.
    Can't some people be inhuman towards dogs? How lucky she is that your daughter was on hand to give her the love she needs.

    1. She reminds me of doofus thehamish. spunky, spunky, spunky, great disposition, always smiling and a non-stop waggie tail, just a sweet little baboo !
      I HAVE to believe there is a special place in hell for people like them. Because if I don't I will go crazy.

  2. Are you going to take the dusty road?

    1. hahahahahaha... all roads in Tucson are dusty !

  3. Wonderful haiku, Parsnip!
    Poor Hamish, Buster sends a lick.
    So very kind of your daughter to save the cute little one.
    She has the sweetest little face . I do hope she continues to improve.
    We are back home (obviously!)


    Snow falls again now
    weighing on branches so soft
    and mutely austere

    1. Daughter and partner both worked to save the Truffs in fact she was the one who found out the name Kai inu. If you look at Japanese painting you see this kind dog often although somewhat taller.

    2. what a wonderful haiku your words are as soft as water.

  4. I love your haiku.

    Kudos to your daughter. It is nice to see a fine dog get the love and care it deserves.

  5. Wait, what? I was all ready to write my response and see E Wix tossing off a haiku as if it were nothing? Sigh. I was too chicken to participate. I feared hours upon hours of counting syllables on my fingers.

    Ok, time to snap back to the thank you of all of this happiness, the spirit of spring coming and a new life for one sweet pupper. We just brought one into our household too ( and he gives us far more than we ever gave him...

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Just read and saw your sweet story over at your blog left a comment.

  6. poor gud doggies! hope all is better soon. yert!

    smiles, bee

    1. Me too Hamish is pretty sick. If not better by Monday, it back to the vets for more test and meds !

  7. Didn't you just post photos of snow in the hills?

    1. Goodness this is Tucson. That was two weeks ago ?
      Usually it is snow on the mountains pool time in the valley !
      That is my driveway down to the tiny street.

  8. Poor pup. How anyone can do that is beyond me.

  9. Great job with the haiku!

    Your dogs are adorable. Our son's family has multiple dogs, one of which is a Scottish terrier named Bennie. What can I say? I LOVE Bennie. Poor thing is all out of proportion, so his head looks enormous compared to his body, and his ears stick way out to the side and then droop down. He also has the worst overbite I've ever seen in a dog. (Looks like he oughta say, "Barf! Barf!") But he is reeeeeeally smart. And loves to watch television. I mean really WATCH it. He reacts to what's going on, and gets all excited. Sits up right in front of the TV, and has a FIT if anyone turns off a show he's watching. He's a hoot.

    Nice to meetcha. I'm glad your daughter rescued that poor pup.

  10. Oh... you live in a place where it's already spring. We've got a couple more months.

    It's nice to meet you. I enjoyed your haiku.

  11. Lovely haiku, most evocative :-) Do hope Hamish makes a swift recovery- those dogs are adorable!

  12. Awwww. I came for the haiku, but your new doggie stole my heart. Kudos to you & your daughter for saving her.

  13. I came over from Suze's for the Haiku, but the dogs won me over more. ~Mary

  14. Ack. I just read what Kerry said. Great minds think alike.

  15. Yay for Truffle!

    Hugs and chocolate to you and the Hammish!


  16. What a lovely daughter you have.