Friday, March 22, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Tiny Harmonies, haiku

Well it is Friday already, where did the week go ?
The best day of the week for Two Little Square Black Dogs.
But if you really think about it everyday is the best day of the week
for The Gud Dugs !
So lets woof it !

aughhhhhhhhhhhh ....
being sick no fun not gud not gud at all for thehamish
yert !
Watson thinks he is a bit of a drama queen !

They have been so sick I have had to postpone their Herbal Body Wraps appointment
 at the groomers so they are looking rather fluffy ?
Watson is giving thehamish the "I don't even think I know you" look !
Meanwhile thehamish has no thoughts at all  except possibly chkikin' strips.

My old gud dug Watson sitting in the sun.

This has been an exhausting five weeks.
As you know first Hamish was sick then Watson.
Hamish, who is 9  bounced back in a week but Watson, at 13 had a much harder time because of all his continuing health problems.
Many test later we still don't know what they had /have.
But it seem the drive to the vets every other day for IV packs for two weeks for Watson
seem to have worked it magic. He seems to be getting better and has started to eat again.
Drinking water is still a problem.
I haven't been able to return all your wonderful comments but I want to
Thank you all for your concern and good wishes for The Boys.

two small square black dogs
sunshine warms their dusty paws
sleeping in the sun


Here is your pretty for the weekend.

Today is the last day of Subliminal Coffee 
Tiny Harmonies Spring haiku project.
What a joy it has been to read what everyone has been inspired to write.

Arigatou gozaimasu, Suze.

I live in the Sonoran Desert so my life is very wildlife, weather and water based.

theme one:  quench...

evening clouds appear
the air is filled with promise
quail escapes the hawk

theme two: the real

the moon chases clouds
million falling stars appear
memory of rain

theme three: loam

saguaros in bloom
the wildflowers are now gone
summer monsoons come

exhausted. . . parsnip
music. . . Heavy Cloud No Rain,  Sting 
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  1. Watson even has a little bit of white chest hair like Snippet! Fabulous skies....have a great weekend.

  2. They do look quite fluffy!

    I'm liking the look of those skies....

    1. So lucky to live in the land of fabulous skies !

  3. Thehamish has the tiny white chest hair. He is a Scottie/Westie mix. I heard that the rest of the litter had huge white splotches or sprinkles of white dots over the black. thehamish also has a tiny little white goatee. He always has issues with the gud vs the dark side. The dark side usually wins, drama queen !
    Watson is the bigger Brindle Scottie.

    I hope the snow melts and the sun comes out to shine. Has Daisy foal come yet ?

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Listening to U2's 'Running to Stand Still' as I read your haiku. Perfect synergy from one desert girl to another, p.


    1. Although I have live many other places and visited all over the world, once you live in the desert it is in your soul.
      Great choice for the music. Thanks for the nudge to re-listen. It fits very nicely.

  5. oh my gud doggie friends are better! yert yert yert!

    big giant hugs, bee

    1. Yes, they are better but Watson is still not out of the woods as they say.

  6. I can actually almost hear the "aroooooo" in the first photo

    1. hahahahaha... and you would know that better than anyone !
      Georgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  7. Lovely, I think the last one is my favorite. I love the idea of illustrating them a picture too: nice one.

    1. They are some of my favorite photos and haiku. Thank you so much

  8. All three of your haiku have an elegant, soothing tone. I'm glad the quali got away.

    1. Thank you, I write the old school haiku, when I visit family in Japan son and I try to find time o sit and write.

    2. Wonderful. It's been fun. Keep in touch.

  9. Photos are to die for. That last one! Wow. But back to the haiku. I love this perfectly graceful poem, and it is wonderful to read it knowing that the past few weeks have been difficult.


  10. Thank You,
    Alas, I am not a writer in anyone imagination but I like the form and simplistically of the haiku. Words at their best.
    These are some of my favorite photos. They are usually taken from my home as I am rather house bound the last few years.

  11. You live in such a beautiful place! It's been a long time since I've been through Arizona, but I remember how magical it looked.

    And it's good to see the boys "smiling!"

  12. So glad to hear that Hamish and Watson are doing better. Love the beautiful dog and sky images and haiku. Enjoy the weekend! :)

  13. Hope your boys stay well. Loved the pics and your Haiku. I should be working on the next book but taking a break tonight. Wanted to see what was up with you.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  14. These were very nice. The first one hits something deep in me that wants to see all the little ones catch a break. The second one, with photo, brings back many a night to remember.

  15. The more pics of your dogs I see, the more I love them. And want to hug them. (They reeeeally look huggable, ya know?)

    Your haiku and photos are simply beautiful. Both elegant and touching. You obviously know your way around this type of poetry. It was the first time I ever dipped my toes into the format, but I really enjoyed it. I notice you use neither capitalization nor punctuation. Is that the classic way to do it? (I didn't know! But I'll be ready for ya NEXT time!)

  16. I must say Parsnip, both dogs look so much better -
    all that TLC they have been getting from you no doubt.
    It is time for Tess to have her beauty treatment but the weather
    here is so bitterly cold I have had to postpone it too - and she
    looks awfully shaggy. Lovely views too.

  17. Lovely haiku- can just close my eyes and dream of the images you create :-)