Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday in Tucson...

Last Christmas with gud duggies "under" the tree.

Best presents ever !
and the cutest !

The comic "Crankshaft" had a sweet strip on Sunday.
It was five toned black and white drawing of the main character  Ed remembering as a child getting the Sears and Roebuck catalog in the mail, with a look of joy on his face. The last box is "today" in color and he is the same happy person while looking at the Seed Catalog.
That just brought back so many memories.
I remember coming home from school and there on the kitchen table would be the Magical Sears and Roebuck Catalog.
My Mum and I would then sit down and look through it together.
Those were special times, it seems like it was just yesterday.
Of course when I was younger it was the toys first, bikes, clothes and then all the other stuff for the home. We would look at it and talk about what we liked or disliked.
We continued this even when I was in High School.  I think the catalogs stopped coming in the mail and I by then I was then at University.
We didn't have a lot of money, in fact we moved quite often.  But sitting at the kitchen table with my Mum and dreaming always stayed the same.
As I look back, I know now, my Mum had such hard times but we children never knew it. She was a Magician and Sears and Roebuck was our friend.
When my children were small, so many years ago, we had no Sears catalogs but I would take them to Toys R US the week before December and we would look.  Just to see what was fun or interesting. No electronic gadgets then, this was over 30 years ago.
Another day, a trip to the book store and of course lunch after was always a huge hit.
Not quite sitting at the kitchen table with a catalog but close.
I think today kids are really missing out on dreaming and the special part.
Computers, game players, smart phones, TV's and what ever the new "must have" item is seen on TV or the computer is at their finger tips. With a click and a zap it is theirs.
Instant everything.
If it breaks, get lost just buy a new one. Everything is disposable and yet nothing is special or important.
So much at their fingertips and yet I see no joy or the excitement that I had.
My family may have been "poor" by today standard but I think we were so much better off than the "need it" kids of today. It is their loss I think.

I hope and wish there is a dream and a little magic in everyone's Christmas this year.

remembering. . . parsnip
music. . . Thankful Heart,  The Muppet Christmas
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  1. Dogs got tree and presents already!?

    And a hearty echo to the sentiment in the post. I'm horribly anti-gadget with the boys; electronic entertainment can wait till they're older. I keep on thinking there'll be a huge backlash soon and the world will realise that we're going to shrink our brains if we keep on relying on instant entertainment 24/7. Boredom is the mother of invention!

    1. Tree and presents are from last year....

      I am still trying to finish this years Christmas card. It was printed with a mistake so I don't know if I want to just let it ride or reprint them up. Where it is I don't think anyone will notice but.......
      I think I will get my tree this weekend.

  2. Great sentiments today, and the boys look smashing last year and now!

    1. The Square Ones look very handsome in that photo. Today they look like scruffy woolie little bears.
      Trying to find a mobile groomer to come to my home. I think Watson would tolerate that somewhat better.

  3. Beautiful words, Gayle...and great pic of the Square Ones!

    1. Hope I didn't sound too preachy and just telling a story about how much fun I had as a child and with my little ones.

  4. Sorry parsnip, somehow I missed that crucial word 'last'!

    1. wahahahahahaha if only... I wish my tree was up and The Square Ones groomed !
      le sigh

  5. As a poor kid growing up in the suburbs (odd place to grow up poor, I admit) I, too, loved looking through catalogs. We never got Sears for some reason, but, instead, Raleighs. That's right, the cigarette company. You might recall they had coupons in the back of every cigarette package that, if you had enough, you could buy things with. I think half my toys came from them. I loved looking through their catalog. It also made me a fan of Norman Rockwell, as all his old paintings for some reason were used on the catalog's cover.

  6. Your sweet doggies are always so photogenic! I remember the Sears Catalog well. Nowadays it's the catalog from that gets me excited. :D