Monday, November 5, 2012

parley view parsnip... Christmas Memory

And Santa comes early...

Son, dil and my sweet granddaughter stopped off at ToyRUs near Osaka to buy a birthday  gift, last week. While there they looked at the bikes.
Granddaughter really wants a bike and has been asking for one. 
This is a push bike that is very popular and she likes it.
You see these in every park, playground and street in Japan.
It was on super sale so they bought it.  While they waited for the staff to put it together, dil took granddaughter to the car put her into the car seat and son smuggled it into the back of the car without her seeing it.
Son said it was the best Dad thing he has done... Buy a much wanted Christmas gift on super sale, two months early  and smuggling it home with her none the wiser.

Which bring me to a Christmas memory.
I remember walking home one late evening as a small child with my Mum and Dad.
 We lived in Chicago at the time. It was lightly snowing, cold and dark outside and Christmas lights and decorations  were on displayed in the store windows. I think we had just been to Sears.
I remember holding my Mum's hand while my Dad carried a package. I thought nothing about it just walking and window shopping with my parents.
I guess I had  been asking for a Kitchen Set.  I remember small plastic food, dishes and vaguely remember a small stove. But what I really remember was the tiny loaf of bread that was had a few slices already cut but still attached, I was very intrigued by that.

Well, Christmas Morning arrived and as my Mum tells the story I woke up looked over and saw the kitchen set set up on the table and said "Oh Santa came !  rolled over and went to back to sleep.
My Mum said she was surprised and started to laugh. When all of a sudden, I jumped up and yelled Santa came Santa came ! while running over to see the gift.

I never knew that my parents carried my Christmas gift all the way home on that snowy evening so long ago.
Sometimes my Mum carried me and then they would switch with her carrying the package and my Dad carrying me.

I still remember the tiny loaf of half cut bread.

surprised. . . parsnip
music. . . The Holly and The Ivy,  Annie Lennox

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  1. Two lovely stories for the price of one Parsnip. I do hope your dear little grand-daughter is full of joy with her bike.
    I remember those kitchen sets too. Things were so much simpler in our day weren't they? There was not the choice (nor maybe the money) that there is today.
    I am looking forward to Christmas after reading this though.

    1. I even remember the little apartment we lived in. It must have been a one bedroom and I slept in the corner of the living room. I remember windows out into a garden that seemed very big but now I wonder ? I small front garden with a white fence but grass and flowers.
      This little story of my Sons makes me look forward to Christmas too.

  2. Nice story.

    Your granddaughter is so cute!

  3. Quite a story, Parsnip! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the design with a handle on the back of the bike for an adult to push. A great start to your granddaughter`s life on wheels!

  5. what a cute little bike! i have never seen one like this. i LOVE your christmas memory!

    hugs, bee


  6. Those Christmas memories from early days do linger with us. I can picture you walking in the snow with your mom and dad, none the wiser about what they were carrying. Hope your grand daughter is thrilled with the bike. I'm sure she will be.

  7. Granddaughter and bike are so cute, she's sure to have fun with it! You have lovely memories of Christmas. I can't recall much about when I was that young but the smell of fresh Christmas trees always makes me feel nostalgic.

  8. What a lovely story - thanks Parsnip.

  9. That's the best story ever Mom. Thanks for sharing. <3

  10. Here's the webpage for the bike. It's all in Japanese but the pictures are understandable. That's the new model. We got last year's one on supersale but there wasn't much difference.

  11. It is lovely when old memories resurface and we can enjoy the experience all over again.