Friday, November 16, 2012

Square Dog Friday... woof !

It is Friday again
best day of the week,
according to The Square Ones...
So lets woof it !

Daughter and I found this cute Christmas paper at Cost Plus.
I usually do not buy wrapping paper.
 but this was very cute.
They will be reused many times.
"La Tarjey" has a Chocolate Dachshund their special Christmas paper.
 So our family of dogs is covered this year.

I also found this very cute placemats set for my Granddaughter.

here are all the cute designs...

you turn them over and you can play games.
I will be saving this for next year till she is a bit older
and can have fun coloring and playing the games.

I was stripping the guest room bed,
which always signals  The Square Ones
to jump in and have fun burrowing in the sheets on the floor.
I left the room to answer the phone
and I turned around to see thehamish drinking water
wearing a pillow case.

yesh i drinkin' water
gots a pillow case on me
and a drippie beard

you gots' problem with that !

Now you would think he would shake it off
but he will just walk around till it falls off.
so very thehamish.

Now I swear I am not the crazy cat lady with 25 cats who lives down the street

And as much as I love Scotties, I don't have a massive collection of them.
Nor do I have clothes with dancing Scotties, or Scotties playing poker on them.
But that would be awesome ! Really awesome ! Super awesome !
Awesome !
But I need this !
I really need this.
When you lose your keys clap your hands and he woofs !
He Woofs !
OMG ! He Woofs !
He Woofs !
I will be clapping my hands all the time
His little nose is a flashlight.
How cool is that.
Did I mention He Woofs !

Here is the real Scottie who is the best !

My sweet baboo Watson !
I lurve him.
woof. . . parsnip
music. . . Turn The Beat Around, Gloria Estefan
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  1. Burrowing in the sheets is fun, right lads?

    I'm sure they approve of the wrapping and assorted goodies!

    1. The fact I scrumble around with them on the sheets I am sure doesn't help at all.
      Best play time ever.

  2. The pillow case outfit while drinking was hysterical!

    1. He has burrowed under the doggie floor pillow and walked around with that on his back. It did fall off faster though.
      Maybe there is a turtle or armadillo in his family tree somewhere.

  3. Oh how I love the idea of a lost key ring that woofs!

  4. omg the hamish is adorable with that on! what a little joy! and of course watson is amazing as always. i LOVE fridays at your house!

    smiles, bee


  5. sweet.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. Of course they look forward to it!

    I always look forward to the photos of them...and the Square Dog placemats are cool, too.

    Gayle, you're creative--maybe you should start making Square Dog merchandise!


  7. Only you could find wrapping paper so very apt and lovely.

  8. Wow, those place-mats and some fun dance music and you'll have a Scotteee parteee!

  9. Buster sends his greetings to thehamish and says he likes his pillow case.
    Buster himself often models a towel when we are trying to dry him off!
    WAtson looks great too.
    Did you know you can get Scottie shortbread?
    It is pretty tasty!
    Happy Thanksgiving!