Friday, November 23, 2012

Square Dog Friday... Christmas stamps

Goodness the week went fast,
and here it is Friday already.
Best day of the week so lets woof it !

What is this I see ?
Stickers to put on letters and packages...
so many Watsons.

but I want to take the whole sheet and frame them !

My sweet old gud dug, Watson.

yesh ! there is me thehamish
mum nice tall person who feeds us made these
she said i am now a andy warhol not knowin' what that means
but iam hopin' it means chikin'strips

im' lookin' gud...
yert !

This years Christmas stamps
with my sweet baboo Watson.

crazy. . . parsnip
music. . . Gimme Some Lovin' Spencer Davis Group
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  1. I love them. So cute. I used for my son's bar mitzvah invitations and they turned out great!

  2. Replies
    1. It seems like I am becoming the crazy cat lady who lives down the street but really I am not !

  3. LOVE them!!! don't know if i'd be able to part with any of them though! ha ha


    smiles, bee

    1. The stamps are easy to put on my cards but the sticker pages look so cute I don't want to break them up !

  4. hee hee....
    Multiple Watsons and Hamishes?! Don't just the two of them keep you busy enough?
    The inquiring mind of «Louis la Vache» wants to know!

    1. Don't think I could handle multiple Hamishes !

  5. I'm sorry to sound dim here but can you actually print your own stamps in the States??? How fabulous! don't think we can do that yet but I'm going to look into it....

    1. Not dim ! I love this kind of stuff.
      In the US you can go to the USPS web page and order your photo stamps.... I did this long time ago I think it is ?
      But now because I print books and calendars of my clouds... I use what ever "buy" button is on the bottom of what ever photo app I am using. i=photo or now I am using picasa.
      Hit the buy button and it will send to a page with lots of choice that are compatible with what ever photo program you are using. Easypeasy did I spell that right ?
      This is the first year I made Christmas stamps. I usually make stamps for everyday uses from clouds, cactus blooms to some of my drawings. The USPS needs to approve the photo .

      You do pay more for the stamps, I can't think how much right now but for me it is worth it.
      One year for Christmas gifts I took some cute photos of daughter's dog and a friend's dog, ordered stamps and some cute notepads and sticker with their dogs on them. Cute and very useful gift.
      I assume you will have to log on to your UK Postal Service and see if this is an option in your country.

      cheers, parsnip

  6. Thanks for the cool sticker pictures of your adorable dogs. I loved looking at each photo individually. LOL

  7. Now the dogs are going to think they are Royalty; King Watson and Prince Hamish:)