Friday, November 9, 2012

Square Dog Friday...

 After the year, months and week we have had, 
and all the money wasted on the horrendous long election....

Yea ! it is Square Dog Friday
Best day of the week !
So lets hit it ! 
Thank Goodness !

                   Nice sister tall person who plays with us found this. It is a Scotty bookend.
                   I had to explain this to thehamish who is not happy to see this.
                                                      Bookend, Hamish !

                                              ummmthet they sayin' this is lookin' like me

                                                i don't thinkin' so....

                                                 whot is this im' seein' befor me

                                              is broken scotty ?


                                              ima not understandin'

                                              big owie !

                                              so worried

                                              not knowin' what to do

                                                  im' noy lookin' any more
                                                  this is sooooooooo sad ad sad sad
 thehamish not still undertand even if Watson sayin' its' ok noyt gud noy gud at all

                                      I keep forgetting to post  November Calendar page

This photo does look like Tucson in November
What is so strange is a storm blew in lat night and temps are dropping  from 84 on Thursday to 56 on Saturday.
Bringing some  rain in the valley and a dusting of snow on the mountains tops.
All gone in a day.
Have a quiet and lovely weekend !
cheers, woof and a yert !

scottie. . . parsnip
music. . . Jailhouse Rock,  The Blues Brothers
Sorry about the wonky page
Blogger is not working again so I post through web page download


  1. hamish honey it's not broken, it's supposed to be that way. just don't look at it any more and it will be fine. now go have a nice chicken strip.

    smiles, bee

  2. My grandparents had a stone statue of a Scottie in their living room. I think my aunt got it when they passed on.

    Hamish and Watson would not be impressed!

  3. Haha, a nice little series of pictures there!

  4. Phew that's a relief. I thought it waa a clean break.

  5. Hamish don't worry. It's not broken. It just shows what you would look like without chik'n strips!

  6. That's quite an entertaining series of photos of Hamish. He truly does look concerned. We had a Scottie dog doorstop when we were kids. It's much more realistic than that. I wonder what your pups would think of it.

  7. What a great way to enjoy the weekend now that the election is FINALLY over!

    Square dogs rule!

  8. Poor Hamish. This won't happen to you.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  9. Those book ends were made for you!