Friday, November 2, 2012

Square Dog Friday... Tako

Well it is Friday the best day of the week,
according to some Little Black Doggies...
so lets woof it !

Tako Tako Tako Tako Tako
very cute little Tako (octopus) toy from Japan 

Look at the really great toy nice tall person in Nishinomiya sent his Two Little Square Black Dogs !
Nice tall person who feeds us wanted a picture of us with the little red tako.

unnnnnnnnnnmmmmm im' wanting to kill it and eat it
but not lookin atlittle red tako.....

eurf nurf gurt
msybe just little sniffin' its

Hamish.... Mum said wait !

im' wantin' to eats it now
mum siys nots now
why nots ?
eurg !

Every area in Japan has it's special regional item that they promote.
In  Kansai, especially around Osaka, besides Fugu they have these bright red Tako everywhere.
I love them. One reason I fell in love with Osaka

This is my work sink in my studio with my little Tako soap dispenser,
that Japanese son sent me.

yesh im' understnding that nice tall person who feed sud not givin' us lille tako but
 im' wantin' it.
Watson said we havein to wait till later. He is gud dugie  he can wait but
latelatelatelaterlaterlter later later is too later
cants waitttttttttt...

but then im sorta distroying nice little blue hedgehog
so many be im' sort understanding...
but later is soooooooooooooo later
yert !

tako. . . parsnip
music. . . Jumpin' Jack Flash,  The Rolling Stones
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  1. Those two squaries seem jolly good at chomping up their toys Parsnip.

  2. Tako is a regional item that's promoted everywhere in Osaka? Interesting. Is there anything in the area's history or geography that would explain that?

  3. oh my. you are right honey pie. later IS later. yert!

    smiles, bee

  4. Of course they'd rather just kill it!

    Can I borrow a pic of the boys for an impending blog, by chance?

  5. I don't reckon much on Tako's chances:)

  6. They're obviously good models--very photogenic and willing to pose!

  7. Hello Gayle:
    Oh, the furry little red Tako seems too good to be destroyed, and looking at the devastation all around, your two dogs are wreaking enough havoc without the Tako. What fun that each area of Japan has its own symbol. Surely each time you wash your hands in the studio it must bring a smile to your face!