Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday In Japan... signs

Feeling homesick for Japan...
As I was looking through photo of my last trip, I realize how many photos of signs I take.
Signs are everywhere,
telling us where to go, what to see, helping us find something to eat.
I like the finding something to eat part.

what gate our family is arriving at

curry to eat

special to chose from

where to find a restaurant

telling us to buy dried fugu

what can be found in the food and omiyage (gift) shops.

where our dogs can go, or not go

food to buy

Onsen to visit

a quick stop for a roadside snack

toll road exit

temples to see

how to feed the deer of Nara
hey, that's me on the top left, my hair looks great

where to eat fugu
or not

where to see Pokemon

 takoyki sold here !
yes please !

directions. . . parsnip
music. . . Journey To The West, OST Princess Mononoke
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  1. very cool but can you read them? i'd be so lost.

    smiles, bee


    1. yes and no...
      chicken strip after all his meds but right now new squeaky toy. he is happy.

  2. Signs cn be a godsend in a foreign country - especially if they are bilingual.

    1. I can get around but I really need to know where I am going and make sure I know the directions. I usually go by landmarks much of the time. I find the Japanese people very helpful at lest to me, so I am usually good to go !

  3. Great post mom! I like the one from Nara with all the temples. Had to think about where you took all these. We totally want you back here sometime soon, but maybe not this summer:
    Kansai braces for summer heat without reactors

    Can't say that I'm bracing for anything really though.

    I have a set of just signs on my flickr page but I haven't done a good job of keeping it updated only 6 shots !

    @Pat: You know when you've finally learned a great deal of a foreign language when you realize that the sings you're reading don't have anything in English on them. Or when you're giving directions to someone that can't read Japanese and you have to think, "Does that sign have English on it?"

    1. awwwwwww thanks David.... I have so many more signs, street and utilities covers. Just goes to show you what I am looking at... I am so weird !

      Yeah, not coming this summer can't stand Japan in the summer and Adam is taking a pass too. He will come for winter break and I will visit hopefully in the late spring. Any chance of some baseball ? need to see the Hanshin Tigers.

  4. Hello Gayle:
    What an intriguing, if to us, bewildering, range of signs you show here. It all looks so deliciously 'foreign' and it would certainly be an enormously fun adventure trying to fathom out what was being said or instructed!!

  5. «Louis» seconds the motion of finding something to eat!
    Il mange toujours comme une vache.

  6. I would find myself hopelessly lost!