Monday, May 21, 2012

parley view parsnip... cactus

My Monday post about what is happening around my home.
Blooming cactus.

This lovely cactus is Echinposis Oxygona or Easter Lily Cactus.

I can see where the name comes from but I would like something more fun and less normal.
 Pink Cloud Floating Over Prickly Reality or something like that.

Isn't it lovely ?
Very large blooms, bursting from a very small cylinder shaped clumping cactus.
What beautiful delicate paper thin, soft pink tinted white petals.
They only bloom for a few days and then we have to wait for next May.

I don't remember this beautiful cactus name. 

It also sends up a very tall bloom spike that towers over a very smallish cactus.

It is so red ! 

Such a saturated red that it is very hard to take a photo of the flower.
Outstanding !
I don't know why but the color always washes out when I post with Picasa.
On my computer this is so searing bright red like the real bloom but somehow Picasa dulls the color, not sure why ?
I might have to go back to iPhoto.

The sun and moon have been in the news so much lately, that I though I would post a photo I took of the moon from a week ago.
With my little point and click I can never get a really good photo of the moon but I rather like this one.

and just to start the week off right
The Square Ones say woof and yert !

blooming. . . parsnip
music. . . 10 Mile Stereo,  Bloom
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  1. The amount of colour in a desert plant always surprises me!

    1. Yes, the Sonoran Desert is very green and filled with color especially the spring.
      Many people are surprised.

  2. They are GORGEOUS!
    Growing up here, I never appreciated the beauty of the blooming desert. Thankfully, I have come to marvel at it (only took me about 35 years).

    1. I miss my gardens when I live in Laguna Beach, lush and tropical but when you live here (I grew up and went to school in Tucson) the color and plants are amazing.

  3. i love the blooms but you saved the best for last, aren't they adorable sitting there so sweet and innocent! love those square boys!

    smiles, bee


    1. Yes, they want you to think they are innocent and very sweet but I know better !

  4. i think i should go back to cactus as my southern garden doesn't appreciate my beneficent neglect as it should, sugar! ;~) love your pictures and those sweet pups! xoxoxoo

    1. Thank you so much. I'm Not sure what one plants in a Southern Garden ? besides Magnolia trees.

  5. Wow, the pink one in particular is absolutely spectacular!

  6. As beautiful as a rose I think some times.

  7. The flowers on your cacti take my breath away. We have a few with pale yellow flowers.