Monday, May 7, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home...
Planting a small garden and that means ...
Topsy Turvy time.

Review time...
The last three posts have been about the garden my daughter and I planted.
I had two small wooden pallets left over from a brick delivery. Only 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
I was going to plant them with succulents and hang them on the wall.

Daughter saw a DIY project where they had recycled the bigger pallets, lined them with paper bags and planted a garden.

Where I live in the foothills this wouldn't work because any vegetable or flower garden is devoured the second a green leaf pops up out of the ground. One reason I have no weeds !
But I have two side yards that are walled and sun screened that hold all sorts of utilities.

So we sawed the pallets in half, filled with soil, seeds and added water.
Watson still hopes it will be a coral for "the hamish".

Experimental year... to see what will grow.
We planted radishes, strawberries, onions, carrots, spinach, eggplant and herbs.

In America they advertise the Topsy Turvy.
You grow vegies like tomatoes upside down from a hanging basket.
As space was at a premium I made some from old bags, planted with tomatoes and jalapeno peppers

Hamish still hoping his chkikin' strips will grow.

Here is a real Topsy Turvy. I wish I had seen this before I made mine.  Mine are too big and I forgot to add drain holes, I have remedied that problem.
We will now see if my recycled ones work as great as the real one.

Some of the utilities in the side yard not the best view but needed. Since we use this yard, I am slowly fluffing it up. I covered it with a sunscreen to help block the sun. It can be brutally hot here in the summer.

Air-conditioner unit, recycle bin, all sorts of water timers and electrical.

Door to studio

Tomato planted Topsy Turvy and a Watson.

My homemade Topsy Turvy,  planted with tomatoes, and a jalapeno pepper.

After all that work a nap is needed !

gardener. . . parsnip
music. . . One Summer's Day,  Joe Hisaishi
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  1. I love the pallet planter and upside down tomatoes and jalepenos. It looks like Hamish and Watson are good little garden helpers!

    1. It is a very small garden but we are having a great time !
      Watson and the hamish are great helpers.

  2. Hello Gayle:
    Well, it will be very interesting to see how your prototype vegetable gardening works out. We have never heard of the 'Topsy Turvy' method of growing anything but would anticipate that your small raised beds should be very productive. It is amazing sometimes to see what can be grown in such small spaces.

    1. The Topsy Turvy are a great way of using space. Supposedly the heat from the side promotes root growth.
      Daughters friend had one and loved it.
      This is a learning year for us.
      As I said I can't plant anything that is not protected.

  3. I've never seen topsy turvy plants before, and I'm keen to see how they progress. I must admit, your pictures of clear blue skies and warmth are sorely missed in this part of the world.

    1. I can't wait to see if they do grow. To plant a tomato with stakes it would take up too much space. Plus all sorts of weird, bad and poison critters can hide in the leaves.
      If I lived in the valley or city I wouldn't have to worry about this kind of stuff. But out in the foothills I live with a variety of weird and quite wonderful animals and critters.

  4. most excellent garden in which to grow chicken strips!!!

    smiles, bee

  5. Topsy Turvy gardening sounds interesting! Do let us know how productive those plants turn out to be. Your raised bed looks good.

    1. Since this is my first try we shall see how I do. I am excited to see what happens.

  6. It's fascinating to see what you're doing around the place!

    Hamish and Watson, of course, want final approval.

    1. I keep finding stuff to do. I just want to get something done so I can enjoy myself abit this summer.
      I bought this home because of the view, the house needed lots of work.

  7. I never knew you could grow hanging tomatos. You'll be able to pluck them down like apples.

    1. I sure hope so... I want lots of tomatoes !

  8. I have never seen or heard of Topsy Turvy's here Parsnip - they
    look to be a marvellous idea. I thought the two square boys were
    going to choose it as an extra home!

  9. I suppose it is similar to hanging baskets - a great idea. I'm sure it will work.

  10. I have just bought 4 tomato plants but they aren't going topsy turvey (fun idea though I think it is), they will be going in my greenhouse. I love your pallet gardens. What a good use of packing :)

  11. hee hee....
    «Louis» hopes the chicken strip plant comes through for the two little square black dogs...