Thursday, May 3, 2012

Square Dog Friday...

Best day of the week so lets woof it...

Remember back on 20, April blog, when nice tall person mollybot  decided to build something we didn't know about, from some wood pallets?
And I  Watson thought it might be a corral to keep "the hamish" in.
Ah well, it was not to be,  unfortunately.

The two nice tall persons put wire, and paper bags all around

and then filled it with dirt !

Lots of dirt, seeds, and then watered it.

Look what happened ! Green plants grew but no room for "the hamish" !

The nice tall persons are very happy.

But....  someone is not

what ish green stuff ? not gud nono no no no no no no !
not  green sstuff must plant gud chkikin strips!

i plant chkikin strips and hope big chkikin in sky to grow gud chkikin strips.

i wait and wait wait wait wait and wait
how long ish this takin'
wheres chkikin strips?
this ish'a long time now...
yert !

Don't look at me !
 I tried to tell the hamish that you can't plant chicken strips.
But does he listen ?
haahahahahahahahahaha let me think about that.
But the garden is very nice.

Check back on Monday and you will find out about the garden, why and how it was built and the big question...
to tospyturvey or not to tospyturvey
that is indeed the question !
xo   Watson

greenthumb. . . parsnip
music. . .  Sweet Leaf,  John Hackett / Moodi Drury

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  1. Hello Gayle:
    You will be completely self sufficient before you know where you are! But what fun this all is and we very much look forward to seeing how it develops.

    1. Not so sure on the self sufficient part but we hopefully with have some fresh herbs veggies and had lots of fun growing them.
      Hamish is still looking for his chicken strips.

      cheers, parsnip

  2. I love your garden.
    What are you growing?
    I have a black thumb.

    1. My Monday post will have more about this but we planted tomatoes, peppers, carrots, radishes, spinach, herbs and of course Hamish's chicken strips.

  3. TopseyTurvey I say and I hope those chikken strips come up soon!

    1. We made some homemade TopseyTurveys and found a realy one so we shall see what works better.

  4. Poor Hamish!

    I it possible to plant cherry pies?

    1. I will plant some right next to the beer...

  5. Won't be surprised if Hamish buries a bone in that thing.

    1. They only get the small twisted rawhide bones that thehamish munches right away. There is no saving in his life.

  6. oh my hamish, poor little boy! maybe they will make you one of your own!

    smile, auntie bee

    1. Sweetie boy is all a big act....
      but maybe the great chicken in the sky will look down and grow him some chicken strips.

  7. Oh poor Hamish. Those chicken strips just aren't germinating! I think I'd like to plant white wine.

    1. muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm sounds good that will go in right next to the beer and cheery pie !

  8. Hamish is puzzled, and Watson is as stoic as ever.