Friday, May 18, 2012

Square Dog Friday... toy review # 3

It was 103 in Tucson on Wednesday.
It was so hot that
nice tall person Mum bought us Ice Cream Cones.
ummmmmmm the good squeaky toy kind.

One for each of us.

mememememememememememememememememem yert !

Hamish... yea haw toy toy toy toytoytoytoytoy mine !


Watson... I really like the lovely bright colors.
hey wait the yellow one is mine.

Watson... the tug factor is very strong can we play now ?

Watson... lovely top notes of felt.

Hamish... must attack pinksqueak mine minemneminemine !
land shark !

Hamish... pinkpinkpinkpinkpink pink mine

Hamish...pinkpink pink new squeak must get destroy !
minemineminemine me mememememememe....

Watson.... the nice pink toy is very exciting and it has a great squeak.
But now you know why toys don't really last very long in a Square Dog home.

yert ! memememememememem mine !
I got pink now...
piff... bue toy no gud must have pink one !

Watson... Nice tall person Mum, you know how much I like to play with a good squeaky toy.
Thank You for finding such a wonderful toy.
Do not  understand why the hamish only wanted my pink toy and not the blue one.
did I really say that ?
woo hooo that was a good one !
let me catch my breath now.

Watson's review

The Ice Cream toy was a good choice, although the design was aimed at the nice tall person.
It was made very well and easy for two Square Ones to play tug.

chew ... good chew factor, mouth feel is very good.
material ... the felt is very nice and the stitching is very strong.
squeak ... very good and loud, music to a Square Dogs ears.
design ...  very cute, well thought out easy to play with.
I give this toy a 9 out of 10

Hamish's review

yert !

Note from the tall person...
This toy was found at Walgreens.

squeaky. . . parsnip
music. . . Wrapped Around Your Finger,  The Police

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  1. I love this series Parsnip. They look like they're having fun doing exactly what my dogs do: fighting over the same toy and ignoring the other one. Hope you manage to stay cool there.

  2. You know, with these two I can see why toys wouldn't last all that long!

  3. oh how i LOVE fridays here! ha!

    watson, great review honey. good dog!

    hamish, youshuldgettwotoyspinkANDblueyertguddoggudtoygudhamishyert!

    smiles, bee

  4. Sound like it's hot enough to melt those felt ice cream cones! Just starting to warm up a touch here in the north country now. Maybe all the way up to 70.
    I'm amazed that you were able to take pictures whilst wrestling toys out of the excited doggies mouths.

  5. Now, make sure you don't give them real ice cream cones. You'll confuse the poor things.

  6. I just love these guys. Hope to meet them in person one day!

  7. Fabulous! Loved 'lovely top notes of felt' and the tongue shot.

  8. That figures that you buy one ice cream cone for each doggie and they both want the same one! Lots of fun action shots. :)

  9. Hilarious! I honestly thought they were real! lol

  10. Haha! The paws up Hamish is so wonderful on its own, but with Watson in the background looking uninterested in it all makes it all the better! Great review.