Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is so me....

This is so me !

Daughter sent me this card for Mums Day.
She knows me too well.
In fact the day I received this card she came over and she had to explain to me
check out the tool bar, click on preferences then right click  no right click...
My three children all have helped on the computer, in fact my son in Japan has been known to log on to my computer long distance and fix it.
I am so brain dead !
And if the link I tried later in the post works it  is because Arizona son showed me how to link again as they all have 100 times... It finally right clicked in my brain !

Pretty flowers


I wrote a haiku for Titus for UNESCO World Book Night 2012
We were to write a scary poem.
(poem, scary, me, write.... hahahahahahahaha  whoa, I have to catch my breath here )
The idea was interesting so I wrote a haiku sent it off and surprise she used it.
I love that Titus put me at the end of the book with the best illustration ever.

What a hoot !
I love it.
Thanks Titus.

haiku. . . parsnip
music. . . Run With Me,  Keane
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  1. happy mother's day honey!

    smiles, bee

  2. Thanks Bee, you have a lovely day too.

  3. Replies
    1. The flowers go beyond beautiful. So structural.

  4. Loved your computer card.

    Yes, my children are always having to dig me out of computer holes!
    Titus always has good taste in poetry!
    She grew up near me in Essex and writes amazing scary poems herself.

    1. That card is my life !
      Titus is so very talented and also so busy.
      I swear the tradition of poetry, reading and writing must be in the air in the UK. Especially Scotland.
      Have you read the one she wrote about the slaughter house ?

  5. Happy Mother's Day! So glad you got the message! XO K

  6. Well done you!
    if you are like me you learn through doing 'hands on' rather thatn being told.

  7. love the card and delighted to be in the Carline's Kist with you!