Monday, May 14, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.
Everything is in bloom in Tucson, all at once.
Instead of the weekly, monthly waves of bloom of past spring and summers, it is a extravaganza of blooms and colors all at once.
This is not good, it means a long very hot summer.
Every plant is blooming right now before they all go into preservation mode to survive the summer.
 This also means a long fire season that has already started with
 5 fires burning in Arizona right now.

I am so lucky that my neighbor has this lovely Saguaro that I get to see every day.
When I was growing up in Tucson I learned the Saguaro had to be about 75 or 100 years old before the first arm grew.

It is just filled with blooms.
Later when the flowers are gone the big red seed pods will be dinner for all the birds.

I have never seen this Saguaro so filled with blooms.

Some of the Palo Verde trees in front of my home in mass bloom.

Prickly Pear

another Prickly Pear in front of my home.

Mothers Day dinner that Daughter made.
Tacos filled with grilled Nopalitos (prickly pear pads) with homemade Mango Salsa.
Grilled Romaine lettuce salad with vegan Caesar dressing and grilled chickpeas croutons.
A vegan dinner that was absolute wonderful.

A vegan lemon curd cheese cake pie, beautiful and tasted fabulous.

blooming. . . parsnip
music. . . Is It Any Wonder,  Keane


  1. Either my computer's cranky, or there's a problem with the pics...

    1. It is so weird... when I posted all the photos were there.
      Blogger does this to me every month or so... or it just could be Picasa ?

  2. Hello Gayle:
    Although we can imagine the glorious volcanoes of colour everywhere around, we would share with you the concern about what may be a very long and arid summer. To hear of fires burning at this early stage of the year is certainly very alarming.

    Sadly, we too have had difficulty getting to see your pictures.

    1. I will try to post the photos again...
      And yes The fire season has officially started.
      It starts in Arizona heads north and ends in California

  3. As so often happens, we were on the same page. I was up in Sedona yesterday taking photos of cactus blooms. I saw so many Saguaros on the way up and they all looked like they were wearing hats! I so wanted to photograph the flowers but don't have a good enough zoom for my camera. Did take lots of other cactus flower pics though. It DOES seem like everything is blooming at once.
    Dinner looks AMAZING, making my mouth water :)
    My kind of meal!

    1. The Saguaros are all loaded with blooms, so many flowers.
      The dinner was so good. She is a CSA supporter and becoming a fabulous vegan chef.

  4. Couldn't you just scream when Picasa does then. Never mind the photos are excellent and the copy is there. I especially love the entrance with the trees - so inviting. Can I come in?