Friday, August 2, 2013

Square Dog Friday... it's about time !

The Square Dogs are back !
And it's about time.
WooHoo !
It is in their contract that I can miss one and only one, Square Dog Friday a year
 If I miss more Fridays, sanctions will be enforced.
Massive sanctions, humongous sanctions  no little slap on the hand like MLB.
They never had to deal with Scotties.  What a bunch of wussies.
Woof !
As I mentioned in my last post, the side effects new meds are making me ill.
I have a call into the doctor to find out what is going on.
So I will be posting and commenting when I can.

Now on to the news that is important !
The Square Ones.

This months calendar photo. thehamish trying to catch the pool water.

see mum nice person who feeds us i gots the snake bigigbig big snake
now do i get a chkikin' strip

mymymymymy  ball mine ballball ball
Watson wants it toooo but i gots it

yesh i gots it


oh noes Watson gots it now

im' needed it

this is why toys not last very long andim' needin' it now

here is cousin' Waldie he is regal not knowin' what that is
mum nice tall person who feeds us is all ways sayin' that about him

hes' lookin' for squirles too


And just because I can here your pretty for the weekend.

Late night lighting strikes behind my home,

filling up the sky with ozone charged light.
Taken with my tiny point and click so not the greatest photo but I think you get the idea.
I sat outside and watched the light show.

crazy. . . parsnip
music. . . Sailing,  The Cafe Carlyle Session
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  1. i loved this picture when i turned my calendar! best day of the month!

    smiles, bee


  2. You might get away with missing the photo postings, but you better not dare miss the chicken strips.

  3. Ah, you've been missed!

    The doggies look as incorrigible as ever!

  4. I missed the square dogs last Friday. Hope you feel better soon Parsnsnip.

  5. Your boys are adorable. Hope your meds get fixed soon.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. Wow, that was some celestial fireworks there. Neat pics.

    I love your square dogs. As cute and playful as they are, they must add a lot to your life.

    Okay, now I'm gonna search for you Pinkerton post...

  7. That lightening is amazing. We had some last night but it didn't look like that!

  8. Some rather vivid pictures of lightning there.

  9. I just love Square Dog Fridays! The boys and Waldie are adorable!

  10. Waldies back too!! So cute. Toys don't last here either. Need to figure out how to entertain my hyper doggies. Be careful. Lady at Petsmart told me they could suffocate on toys. Also watch out for those sanctions! LOL

  11. Nice to see the doggies doing what they do best, playing and looking cute and all!
    You are right, that was Sabino Canyon in my last blog post. I can't believe how cool it is today so far and some rain would be great too...

  12. I hope the meds are sorted soon. The boys are lookin' good.