Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday In Japan. .. Omiyage

Just a quick look at some of the Omiyage from Japanese family and friends
sent over with visiting family.
But of course the best gift is the family being here.
. . .

Wonderful whole Awajishima onions (the best your ever will eat) pickled with some chilies.

Yummy sauces, spices and  chips,
love the bitter melon (Goya) chips.

along with cookies and crackers.

This is one of the most wonderful and at the same time saddest gifts ever.
Tombo's has closed. The most wonderful neighorhood Okonomiyaki
restaurant run by nicest family.
I will so miss having dinner there when I visit.
Son brought over one of the dishes I loved.  He could have had 12 of them
but no room in his suitcase. I am so happy to have at lest one of their dishes.

Most beautiful dish filled with fabulous memories.

Here is your middle of the week pretty.
Castles in the Sky.


yummy. . . parsnip
music. . . Laputa, Castle In the Sky, ost

small up date....
It is week 4 and the all day and night headaches have gotten so much better.
The fatigue and nausea are somewhat better.
So, yea me !
yert !
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  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

    Awajishima onions look yummy!

  2. I feel like a kid again when someone brings me a bag of treats like that! I am so sad about the restaurant. A really nice one is hard to find.

  3. Put that lovely dish full of memories somewhere safe and out of the reach of square ones.
    Glad your headaches are reducing.

  4. ahhh, lovely memories, sometimes i think the memories are as nice as the actual event!

    smiles, bee


  5. So pleased you have one of the bowls. What a shame they had to close.

  6. The packaging is so " in your face" is it not?

  7. It's a lovely dish.

    And beautiful skies!