Friday, August 9, 2013

Square Dog Friday... photobomb

It is Friday already,  best day of the week if your a
Little Black Square Dog !
So lets woof it.
yert !

Sleepy Watson just waking up.
He is now almost completely deaf and there are times with his dementia when you can see
he doesn't quite know were he is.  So I try and keep his routine pretty much the same everyday.
One sweet/sad fact:  Watson rarely barks and when he does it is for a reason. But now that he is deaf he barks more and so much louder. A big booming woof !

ummmmm im' thehamish should be in this photo too.
im' the gud dug thehamish

yert !

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Mia playing with some wooden blocks and wooden animal magnets.

Have a lovely weekend everyone !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Lovely Day,  Jill Scott
At the end of week four, the headache have gotten so much better.
The nausea and fatigue have reduced but they are tied into other problems.
I am very relived.
I am now trying to catch up on everyone's blogs.
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  1. I can't decide who is cuter, Mia or the doggies! She is sure gorgeous Parsnip! Enjoy

  2. Good to know you are feeling better. xxxxx

  3. Your granddaughter is beautiful, what fun you all must be having! :)

  4. The Square Dogs are too adorable for their own good!

  5. Mia and the Square Ones--adorable as always!

  6. she is lovely, sugar, just absolutely lovely! we're some very lucky grannies! ;) xoxoxoxox

  7. Sorry about your headache. That loud woof must not help anything. Good thing you're not around here where the smoke from the fires is giving me a headache. Hugs to Watson and Hamish and you too.

  8. glad you are feeling better honey. and the square ones are having their day! mia is adorable... yert!

    smiles, bee

  9. Isn't it good that those square ones have each other Parsnip.
    I am glad you are beginning to feel a little better - I am sure
    that dear little girl will help you.

  10. Glad you're feeling better. Whether he knows it or not, Watson's in a good place.

  11. Good wishes to the fine hounds.

    Wood blocks are neat!

  12. Ah she's so pretty! I love Watson and Hamish. They are a bundle of doggy love and distraction! Glad you are feeling better, and let's hope you keep progressing.

  13. p, I'm so sorry you've been suffering physically so much. That is just never easy. Wishes for pain- and nausea-free days coming your way.

  14. Keep up with the improving.xoxo