Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday in Tucson.... spirits

Several blogs I read,  have been talking about spirits lately.  Codlinsandcream2 talked about her little ghost cat who came for a visit. A wonderful post that brought tears to my eyes.
Another blogger muffin53partdeux posted about a new neighbor who was burning sage (she was doing it wrong) to remove the spirits that were kicking her.

This got me thinking about my life with spirits.
Ever since I was a little girl I have seen spirits.
Movement that catches my eye just out of focus along the peripheral vision of my eye. The shapes move sometimes just across my vision but are gone in a second if I try to focus on them.
They are not there everyday as they come and go. I have lived with them so long that I really don't think about them anymore.
 As a child I just thought everyone saw spirits.  They don't interact with me at all. They are just there, moving.

I am sure the eye doctors have an explanation having to do with all sorts of my visions problems.
But as these spirits move in and out of my vision I just always assume they are moving on to other places.

 Many years ago right after my Mother died, I was sitting on her bed and looking through some boxes, I felt her sitting on the bed with me and then she was gone. I wish I would have said something to her how much I loved her and appericated everything she did for me but she was gone. I think about her visit all the time.

So for what ever reason I see spirits and one never know what is empathy or for the pragmatic around us just imagination.
As codlinsandcream2 said ... they just think we are daft.

                                               spirit. . . parsnip
                                               music. . . New Star In The Sky,  Air


  1. We all have things that we feel and think that others may judge harshly. People in glass houses.....! Love the pictures.

    1. The thing is I really never talked about this it just was part of me. And as that I don't care if people think me daft. It is just me. I have plenty of people judging me all the time about how I look so this is not a big deal for me.
      I love the word daft by the way.
      I so enjoyed playing around with the photos and I think they turned out rather nicely. In fact playing around with the photos is what got me thinking about thinking about this post.

  2. interesting! i have felt sarge twice now. i haven't talked about that either. once he woke my when i overslept and the other time he found something i lost for me and put my hand right on it. but i'm just not sure it wasn't my imagination, i hope it wasn't. but this lady is truly nuts. i'll try to keep an open mind about her but hmmmm, not sure! ha ha


    smiles, bee

    1. I am sure that was Sarge.
      Your new neighbor is really nuts, be sure your smoke alarms are working... she just might burn her apartment up.

  3. Hmm very interesting....I have had "experiences" but would not have used the word "spirits" but there again I do not know what word I would have used...all I know it was all so real. xxx

    1. I think some of us see/feel things while others don't. Plus I think we all feel thing differently.

  4. My aunt and uncle lived in an old farmhouse for some years. She would occasionally hear the call of a young girl's voice, though there was no such child anywhere near the house.

    I once had it walking to campus through a park, on my own, and feeling the distinct tug at my pants, like a little child who can't speak yet, pulling at an adult's leg to get their attention. There was no one there.

    1. I don't really hear voices or feel anything. I just see movement. They don't react to me and I don't feel scared but then as I said I have seen them for most of my life.
      I think the eye doctors will said I see the shape because of my eye problem.

  5. I don't think any spirits follow me around but I think that my life has been pretty charmed so far so maybe I just don't see them. I love the photos.

  6. My # 2 son has just lost George - the eldest of his four cats. i wonder if he will visit?