Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday In Japan... ekiben

In Japan urban areas when you travel by long distance trains you can find ekiben (station bento) sold at booths. Regional commuter or subways lines usually don't have ekiben or if they do they target residents. Some trains even have trolley so you can buy a snack or meal.
This is not hamburger or boring sandwiches that you find in America.
The booths carry a variety of different meals from small snack bento to a full meal.
What I especially like about ekiben, train bento is that you can enjoy the regional foods. It is one way to show cuisine and culture of any area you happen to be traveling through.
After unwrapping the wonderful packaging you open a beautiful stylish lunch/dinner to enjoy.

For some reason I can't find any of the photos of the food but I have saved the paper wrapping from many ekiben I have eaten. Japanese family always knows to send me the wrapping from the ekiben that they eat on trips.
I frame them or reuse them for cards or to wrap gifts.

Japanese son just sent me this wrapper.
He bought it especially for me as it had a map ( I love maps)  on it showing the route to Tottori.  Plus he said the bento was really great !

so kawaii !

One trip we took my DIL had this octopus bento with the best ever wrapping.
 That is the Akashi Kaikyo  Bridge behind the very tasty octopus.
This area is know for octopus.
yummmy !

It came in this ceramic pot that when you want to eat you pulled a tab and in a minute it was nice and hot.
Plus how cute is this pot. I want twenty of them to line my wall and put plants in them...
ackk... the cuteness !

A favorite, Kakinoha zushi from the Nara region.
Pressed sushi
Rice has been pushed into a wooden square mold topped with salmon or mackerel then cut and wrapped in fresh  persimmon leaves. Then place back in the wooden box or this pretty paper box. The persimmon leaves have an antibacterial properties and "keep" the sushi. You don't eat the leaves.

another great wrapping

This is the wrapping for some pears. This reminds me of the vintage citrus labels from California.

I was sent these special pickled onions, rakkyo, from Tottori
Reminds me of the onion you put in a  Gibson cocktail.

Small bag/phone charm from Kagoshima City.
The city is famous for the active volcano it is built next to.
This area is known for sweet potatoes, pork and tea so the charm is a green pig wearing tea leaves.

This is a sleepy Watson who wants you to remember Square Dog Friday...
but he needs to finish his nap first.

hungry. . . parsnip
music. . . Night Train,  Boots Randolph/Lewis P. Simpkins

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  1. Oh yes, they are fabulous. I would absolutely frame a couple of those and to use them as wrapping paper is genius. You are so creative like that :)
    I just got back from Coronado so yes, I was MUCH cooler. Was a shock being out running errands today after weeks away...

    1. I got way to hungry writing this post. Gosh I miss Japanese food.

  2. I absolutely love those wrappers. The octopus one is genius. Lovely to see - thank you. Robert Opie would be fascinated too!

    1. I have saved way too many of them but I enjoyed the food !

  3. Just left a huge comment about cultural difference, British fish 'n' chips etc. and of course it got eaten! Anyway, lovely, thanks.

    1. I love Fish and Chips.... can't eat them very much but I love them !
      When you take these long distance train trip... cushy, clean seat, no screaming children, great food... it beats American air travel any day.

  4. The Japanese just seem to do everything better, I love all that packaging. And I love maps, too, snap!

  5. very cute! and the doggie too!


    smiles, bee

  6. Beautiful designs. A great appetite booster:)

  7. Watson looks huggable.And the food wrappers are soooo awesome.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  8. How about a combination Japanese/US meal--octopus with tartar sauce?

  9. That ceramic pot looks interesting!

    Sleeping Watson looks very peaceful and serene.

    Probably the only time of day he's like that....