Friday, September 14, 2012

Square Dog Friday... sleepy puppy

Square Dog Friday, the best day of the week !
So lets woof it, puppies are waiting !

Hamish gets lots of attention on this blog
but according to him it is never enough.
Much like his love of chicken strips,
never enough.

I thought it might be nice for my sweet old doggie Dr. Watson to get some attention.
Dr. Watson came to live with us as a companion dog for my first Little Black Square Dog, Kirbey.
She was named after the vacuum cleaner... everything on the floor was hers !
We loved watching the Japanese animated show Sherlock Hound and Dr. Watson in that show was a Scotty, so what better name for our new Scotty.

Old good dogs get to sleep anywhere they want and Watson likes sleeping at the foot of my bed.  He has his own pillow.

awwwwwww sleepy gud dug Watson. I lurve him !

sleepy puppy

I lurve his stocky little legs

and really cute little paws

just the perfect size to hold in you hand.

Not be be left out... did you really think that was possible ?

Here is thehamish in a early (2006) photo of him with a pillow.
As you can see he had not quite perfected his pillow folding yet.
He was good at burrowing under them at this point.
I was sitting at my desk and I looked down
to see him walking around with a pillow on his back.

He walked around for awhile till it finally fell off
and then he decided to take a nap on it where it dropped,
in the middle if the floor.
So very thehamish !

Here is your pretty for the weekend.
I placed an order with blog friend "Numinosity" a jewelry designer who makes her own
lampwork beads and altered art.
She devides her time between two studios.
Winters in Bisbee Arizona and Summers in Alaska.
See her shop here

A small blue box tied with an altered leather charm

reveales hidden treasure

Beautiful earrings, they sparkle in the light.

 at last !
 me thehamish appears
now it is a very gud square dug day.
the hamish is the gud dug i am burrowing under bigpillow
needin' chkikin' strip hunting chkikin' strips
you got chkikin' strips ?
im' likin' chkikin'strips
yert !

amazed. . . parsnip
music. . . Open Your Eyes,  Snow Patrol

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  1. Oh the Hamish is making me sleepy and I just woke up. I want to fold and drop too! :)

    1. Watson is my very sleepy puppy but Hamish can keep up in that department.

  2. Interesting jewellry!

    Watson looks very restful! And Hamish must have his day!

    1. Hamish is always making sure it is his day !
      The earring look even better in person.

  3. two very gud dogs indeed! adorable and gud!!!


    smiles, bee

  4. Oh, Watson is so lovely! Titus is getting a little, well, over-the-hill now (and certainly doesn't like running up hills as much as he used to) and seems to spend the majority of his day snuggling.

    What are the earrings made of? The sections that look like shell are beautiful.

    And yes, good dug Hamish.

    1. Watson is going deaf too !
      If you read Kimberly comment she can tell it better.

  5. From Watson's photographs I just know exactly how his paw would feel in my hand. Do give him a little pat from big Pat please.

    1. awwwwwwwwwwww, I love holding his little paws they are so sweet... and he loves his Pats both of you and them. He is truly the sweetest dog ever.

  6. Maybe I should have you do my photos now!
    The earrings are ceramic and glass. The bell shape is glazed ceramic and the bead parts are glass both etched and non etched and the silvery bits in the beads are silver.
    Thanks for showing them and to think they got the honor of being featured on Square Dog Friday too!

    1. I only have a tiny point and click ... your photos are so much better than mine but I appreciate the comment.
      The Square Ones where happy to share their day... you where the pretty for the weekend !

  7. I love your little fur-peeps. So cute and adorable and cuddly.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  8. Thanks Kimberley, stunning work!

    1. I am very lucky to have a necklace and another pair of earings.