Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday in Tucson. . . clouds

 Blogger is not letting me post again so I am posting through web album. What fun !

I am off and on trying to go through my photos and delete all the extras, blurry and all the photos I manage to take of toes and fingers, oh my.
As I was looking at the million (or so it seems) of cloud photos I noticed many of them where taken on Wednesday. Who knew !
Here are a few Wednesday clouds. . . all are straight form the camera but Picasa seems to dull them when I post. They look so much better on program.

 I played with this one to coax out the lighting

 very monsoon clouds

floating. . . parsnip
music. . . Both Sides Now,  Joni Mitchell


  1. you sure do have some beautiful skies honey!


    smiles, bee

  2. They all look pretty splendid to me.

    1. I think your right, much better then when I hit the blog button so I might just keep posting from the web album.

  3. Wow, and more wow! You know I love your cloud shots. But I don't think I've told you that one of the things that made me realise Dave was the man for me was that he loves clouds too. I'll show him these when he comes through from the kitchen. Do you know The Cloud Appreciation Society, we pore over the photos on their website together? I think, they take submissions of cloud photos, too. Some of these would surely make the grade.

    1. Thank You... when your pretty much house bound you take photos of what is around you.
      When I first got a computer about 7 (?) years ago and Daughter was showing me how to use it. I was using it for paying bills and watching movies... I was playing around with it one afternoon and I found "The Cloud Appreciation Society" The first site I ever bookmarked. I love that site. I think they take submissions but I don't take great notes about what day it was and all I have is a little point and click. I do think photo #2 and 11 are spectacular. They are some of my favorites.

  4. Grand shots. I think the third of the lot counts as my favourite.