Monday, September 10, 2012

parley view parsnip... beyond fabulous

The monsoons are finally coming to an end.
Except it is raining off and on for the last few day with flash flooding.
This got me thinking back to some storm photos I took back in 2007.
A twilight storm was booming over the Catalina Mountains and I tried to take some photos with my old tiny Kodak point and click.
When I downloaded them to iphoto all the photos were black !
I knew there had to be clouds somewhere in that mass of black.
Using the old iphoto "enhance" tab I hit to see if something would appear ?
Shocking !
I was surprised by what the tiny camera saw,
beyond fabulous !

I was somewhere in space exploring some far off nebula.

Now remember these photos where black and they are on my old iphoto.

When I tried to pull the clouds out you can see some great color distortion.
I played somewhat with the limited light/dark and color choices iphoto had...  difficult but 
I am pleased with what happened.

What was really suprising to me was my photos reminded me of a image of the Rosette Nebula
taken by the Kitt Peak 0.9 meter telescope.

This photo was taken by T.A. Rector/b. Wolpa/M. Hanna
My Father worked on the telescopes when Kitt Peak Observatory was first built.

nebula. . . parsnip
music. . . Stardust,  Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond
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  1. fabulous shots! breathtaking! and stardust was my mother's favorite song ever. before she died when i took her someplace i'd play it in the car and she'd exclaim oh, it's stardust and sing, then i'd play it again and she'd say the same thing again not remembering it just happened three minutes ago, this went on for the whole trip wherever we went. i can never listen to it now.

    smiles, bee

  2. Hello Gayle:
    How remarkable!These truly are amazing images and, all revealed with a new technology. One does wonder, as science advances, what other hidden treasures of the universe will be commonplace one day.

  3. They are magnificent. I came across some photos I took in Canada with my old camera and they are far inferior to my digital ones.

  4. Wow, truly awesome images, it does look like a nebula!

  5. What absolutely beautiful photographs Parsnip -
    incredible colours.

  6. Your Tucson skies are quite magnificent and those clouds are stunning.

  7. Wow, amazing and so dramatic. Awesome to think all this was hidden away in the blackness.

  8. When I was a boy telescopes seemed so magical to me.

  9. Gorgeous! And I, too, love the song Stardust! My favorite version is probably by - of all people!! - Willie Nelson!