Friday, April 28, 2017

Square Dog Friday. . . selfie

The best day of the week is here !
Square Dog Friday.
Let's woof it.
nice tall person who feed us is sayin' i thehamish can try a selfie
not knowin' what that is but since i thehamish is such a gud dug
i thehamish is tryin'
ummmm i gotsno hands fingers

  i thehamish lickin' phone 

 ummmmm nooooooooooo

puttin' down better  
 ummmm not sure

i thehamish is better on countertop
hahahahaha i thehamish not havein' lap
i thehamish makin' a funny

i thehamish got to say
here is your pretty to start the weekend

katties are so weird i thehamish need to be cuddeling

selfie. . . parsnip
music. . . Mad World,  Michael Andrews and Gary Jules

Six days and the fire is still burning. The winds calmed down yesterday but today high winds and temperature will not help.  I heard it was 20% contained, 
40 thousands acres as of yesterday afternoon. 
I might post some photos on Saturday.
I feel so bad for all the people, ranchers, wildlife and the brave firefighters.

Have a safe weekend !
cheers,  parsnip


  1. Love the Hamish at the computer. Miss Kitty is always saying that having no thumbs is what slows her down. Looks like lions and lambs lying down together.

  2. 40 thousands acres as of yesterday afternoon? Wow. Good gosh.

    Love the computer Hamish.

    1. Haven't looked today, last night the winds were so strong I thought we would find my trees in New Mexico

  3. Checking in with you and the hamish. Those fires look acary. Truly, any out of control fire scares me very much.
    The sushi you showed on a prior post looked delish. I must try mochi some day. Promise.
    You made me laugh with the hamish selfie and his admission that a laptop is not so comfortable for him.
    Happy weekend! xo

    1. Fire bad, wind bad, some rain would be nice.
      Sushi good. . . it is my default setting

  4. You need some rain, quickly.

    My, Hamish, what big eyes you have!

    Well, at least the cats have gotten used to Hamish.

    1. Only Oliver, but he forgets he is next to thehamish and bats at him. Baby steps.

  5. Sweet Ham and I've been listening to those fires. As I said, I did not think you had enough fuel on the ground. How wrong I was. Must be mesquite.

    1. The Sonora Desert is covered with all sorts of plant life. We had rain and everything grew. Now it is fuel for the fire.

  6. Hamish up close and personal.

  7. Lovely photos thehamish - you look so handsome.

    Inca xx

    1. i thehamish is gud and handsome
      nice tall person who feed us is tellin' me i thehamish is pretty

  8. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend.

    1. Not to bad.... the wildfire is about an hour away so all is good !

  9. Love thehamish's selfies and good to see him working hard on the computer :o) Terrifying about the fire, let's hope it is soon contained and no one is hurt.

  10. The Hamish you look wonderful at the computer, I hope you found some nice interesting things to look at!

  11. i the junebug don't take no selfies. franklin and penelope stoled the camera.


  12. What cute selfie shots, thehamish!
    Very scary about the fire..I hope it will be soon under control. Stay safe xo

  13. Hamish is probably better on the computer than I am!